Amazon Fr complaint

Last month, we found that someone is selling our product on Amazon France at very low price, which largely hampered the sales of our products EU market. We are the manufacturer and brand owner of this brand and never authorized anyone to sell this product on Amazon France. I tried to send message to the seller several times and asked them to revise the price to our suggested price or remove this product from Amazon France. But there is no reply.
I have no other choice, but seek the help from Amazon France and called for help. They promised to look into this issue and I received email from Amazon. I replied this email and explained this issue again. After that I send several emails to Amazon France,but what I received are all auto-reply. I called Amazon France again, they replied that they can’t solve this kind of issue, but only order issues.
I really don’t know what is going on? Why someone in Amazon said they will look into this issue and solve this problem, while the other one said they can’t? If they can’t solve this issue, why don’t they tell me in the first place.

What is the product Steve, do you have a website? Do you not control distribution of the product?

Hello James,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Our product name is MiLi Pure.
The seller named Hifone sell this product on Amazon France and named MiLi Skin, web link as below:


We have control distribution of the product, but per check with my colleagues, none of them sold this product to the seller Hifone.
So we hope to ask the seller to revised the price as our suggested price or remove it from Amazon.

Hope you can check on this

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What’s your RRP?

36 Euro

Is there any contractual obligation to sell at a specific price or is it just recommended?

It’s just recommended selling price. However, we don’t even know this seller Hifone or sell products to them.
More importantly, we have the brand and patent for this product and never authorize anyone to sell it on Amazon.
Can we ask the seller to revise the price or remove it from Amazon?

I can’t see what grounds you would have to do that. I’m no expert in this area though.

Thanks a lot for your help anyway. Can you give us any suggestion on this issue or anyone who can help on this?

Call me cynical - but this looks like a free ad to me…just sayin…:wink:

Really? That it particularly cynical!