AMAZON has become untrustworthy?

I have used Amazon for years.

I have been really happy with the "no quibble" returns policy, and have bought many thousands of pounds worth of goods from them.

This year things have changed for me:

1) epson ink cartriges I bought in the Amazon packaging were almost empty new. (Couldn't return since I had held them in my stock for more than 30 days)

2) I asked for a refund for a present I bought at christmas which had never been delivered - but the selling company had 'disappeared' from their marketplace.

3) A product I bought with a delivery time of 10 days, had the delivery time extended and extended, now past the 30 days. I'm getting worried it will turn out to be like #2

My question is: Is it just me who is coincidentally experiencing a load of problems at the same time, or has the 'character' of Amazon changed for the worse?

I used to use Amazon occasionally for things unavailable in my area but this particular item was for a friend which put her and her family off Amazon also. I always believed Amazon had some kind of responsability for their sellers but this isn't the case apparently so, buyer beware.

Yes, I too bought only "sold by Amazon, shipped by Amazon", but I get the impression that even that has turned into a sour experience now.

For many years I had a suspicion that the majority of their electronic/electrical goods stock was repackaged 'seconds', but since (at the time) their returns system worked so well, I continued buying.

Looks like they have taken the "Ratners" business approach. So I will, I suspect, be following your lead Peter.

I stopped using Amazon years ago as a protest when I purchased an item from an Amazon seller. I never received the product ( a kiddies splash pool) and so complained through the usual channels. It transpired the seller had 'conned' dozens of other customers by taking the money and not actually selling anything. I never received a refund as Amazon refused any responsability. I will never use them again.