Amazon Kindle Fire - from France or the UK?

Good morning everyone

I am dithering over buying an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet (via James' Amazon link of course!).

The UK site won't let me buy one from them because I live in France, but if I buy one from Amazon France, will I be stuck with only French content (like with Netflix where the range of material in French is paltry)?

I could order from the UK site and have it delivered to a friend who is coming over for Christmas.

Does anyone have any advice?

When I search on (U.S.) or, I get content in English. It doesn't seem to matter where I am, nor where the device is registered (to my French address) -- I search for & buy/get the content in the language of my choice. If you search for books on, it's likely you will find content primarily in French.

We have put in English and QWERTY, although she is bilingual, but much of the online material that comes up is French, which is also the case with her friend's one.

You can access ALL content, regardless of where you purchased the Kindle. We have 2 Kindles bought in the US, & 1 from Amazon France, & we can access content from US, UK, France, or wherever. Never had a problem with any of the 3 devices.

My daughter bought one during the Black Friday week. She bought it here in France. The difference between the £ and € price looked big in numbers, but allowing for postage in the end the French offer was only minimally more expensive. It was the one that was on offer (and still might be) for €149. It also arrived in two days with a normal delivery. More over, if you buy from the UK it is produced for UK use and connections and what it will do for you is limited to a degree. As it is, there is a choice of language and keyboard layout, QWERTY or AZERTY in settings and the range of books on offer covers umpteen languages. The big difference is that it will give you € prices, although you can ask for £ ones, which is most convenient if you live in a Euro economy. Overall it works out the best deal that way. As for the French content and Netflix, we have spent some time looking and one is quite free to use the whole range of offers worldwide, therefore it is anything but paltry. Conversely, the Welsh boy whose Kindle Fire impressed her (never seen it myself, don't even know the boy) had his brought over as a birthday present recently and does find that there are some limitations. It seems like a what you gain on the roundabouts you lose on the swings situation.

However, if you wish to do the sums and all, open up the UK and Fr sites on separate tabs and jump back and forth between the two with a notepad to do the sums and all. My 'penny pinching' daughter did exactly that. If you decide to order from the UK, then do it on the UK page which will not make you buy from the French site if you tell it you live in the UK.

Just looked. It is the HD7, 16 Gb that is now €169 with a €15 rebate on offer - she got €20.