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I haven't ordered books via Amazon for a while (at least 23 April!) and wanted to buy two today. I checked out the prices on the English and French websites and found that two books that came to £29.98 including free English delivery became suddenly £31.63 plus £4.69 delivery when I entered my French delivey address. I don't mind paying for the delivery but wondered if anybody has any similar experiences, or ideas how to avoid. I could obviously ask somebody to bring it over when they next come, but is this a new post Brexit development?

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In the UK books are zero rated for VAT. In France there is 5.5% TVA on books. If the delivery address is in France, French rates have to be applied because it's where the customer is that is important for VAT, not where the supplier is. I think that's correct and I imagine it explains the price difference. As for the delivery charge, well for a start I seem to recall that the French government made it illegal to offer free delivery on books, but in any case if the books are being sent from the UK then obviously it will cost more.

Thanks! I will get the books sent to somebody coming over! It makes about £6 difference which is a cool 20%!

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to buy English books on amazon, unless I really really want a NEWLY published book, I always go for second hand books. Usually only about 4 or 5 euros each plus transport. I have never been disappointed with the quality of pre-read books.

I only go for new books on something very recently published, maybe even first ed signed by the author. I buy many second hand books via sites like or abe, maybe ebay very occasionally. I also love second hand shops/ vide greniers etc- however space is running out and now I go for specialist items only (biography/politics/ art/ architecture/ breton history/ some poetry). I am getting to the time of thinking who to leave my library to when I pop my clogs!

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I use The Book Depository, free worldwide delivery and a great service too !