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I’ve received an e-letter from CPAM via my Ameli account. I need to reply to this letter but I can’t find a ‘reply’ facility in my Ameli Messagerie section. I’ve pressed the ‘écrit un message’ button but this gives lots of drop-down boxes, none of which are relevant to my situation. I was going to respond by posting a letter to CPAM but there is no actual address on their e-letter, just L’Assurance Maladie Bretagne Normandie. All help gratefully received!

Without disclosing «private» information, what is the content of the e-letter and/or what information are they seeking?
I posted an update with a screen so no need for any information…

The website has changed so you can’t do the things you used to be able to do, like reply directly to a message. If you persevere with the drop down boxes you will get to an “other” category that you can use. It is frustrating. But do remember to screenshot your reply before you press valider.

Otherwise google will give you postal address for your caisse.

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Looking at my account (I don’t have any messages) I can see that there is an option to write a message…

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@Graham_Lees - when I press this button it gives lots of drop-down boxes which are not applicable to my purpose. In answer to your previous question, CPAM are asking whether I have entitlement to a French pension or not and to provide proof either way.

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There is the ability to select an option which meets your need…

I selected Droits et démarches and then the bottom one gives the option to write a message if you haven’t found a suitable option…

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Thanks, Graham. I’ll give that a try. I can see that I’ve got months of fun ahead of me! :crazy_face: