Ameli and cds


We visited Cpam about 6 weeks ago and handed over our S1 to enable the uk to become our responsible health cost provider now we are pensionable age.
We have just arrived in the uk until January and have both received an email requesting copies of our cds, which we thought were made at the original rendezvous.
Is it permissible and possible please to send the copies to Ameli via email on the Ameli account?

I’ve just had the same letter, I posted it all back along with passport and CV all on the same sheet, and a copy of my attestation too. There didnt seem to be a mechanism for sending it by email and the letter asked for it by post (I think :thinking:)

Thank you.
I’ll just have to do the same I think.

You can scan and send anything to your ameli personal account page. I did a signed paper last week for my annual renewal so they can see I agree to terms and conditions for my CSS. This enables them to access my ImpĂ´ts and others direct with my permission. Once they have your CDS/Passport details you should not need to re-send.

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Yes, you have to go on your démarches page which is on the list of items you wish to access.

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That was for CSS. I can’t see how you do it for anything else as the handy button to send messages with attachments has gone?

Do you get a page come up on your account with all recent treatment, costs etc.That was where I found what I needed to look for. Maybe you are right, its only for us on the CSS and others have to do the paperwork.

I think that might be the case. You can send a message if one perseveres with the stupid Ameli Bot until it gets fed up and allows you access to the espace des échanges, but you still can’t attach anything.

OK this may be of interest as have just been asked for impôts to be sent to ameli but…the website for sending documents is not ameli but https://declic.cpam (then your dept number).fr/. Bit long winded but it is in english too!

I tried that with 11 (Aude) and it didn’t work, though it did with 66. So, possibly not all departments have this ?

I can’t see Perigueux , I’ll have to use snail mail.