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(maria baksh) #1

I am having trouble contacting the local water company.

Have been told by the Marie that it is union fontgombauld (Indre) that I need to contact and have a number but my French being rubbish at this time cannot bring myself to call does anyone know how to find email addys? then I can at least translate. Feeling really stupid at this moment!

(Brian Milne) #2

So did I until the nice new medical centre that our doc moved to last year was installed with them by the commune, including my kinesi who does not even use the phone provided because she has her mobile and internet phone. She pays for both because it is part of the service!

(Ian Cowburn) #3

It came out in 1842, mate :

(Simon Roxburgh) #4

FAX what is that, I thought it died with the arc.

(Ian Cowburn) #5

Amazing how quickly faxes have disappeared from our mind's eye :)

Glad to have been of help, Maria, have a good Noël and Nouvel An !

(maria baksh) #6

Ian, thank you so much have tried several variations of this - info assistance etc. Nothing accepted .

Did not think of FAX! Can script translate and fax, thank you so much.

Fingers crossed will have water in the new year!!

Thank you Maria

(Ian Cowburn) #7

Hi Maria, its this :


3, rue Châtelet FONTGOMBAULT (36220)

Tel : 02-54-37-29-21
Fax : 02-54-28-58-30

email seems to be based on this but with something before it :

So might be, however can't find a proper email address, you could ask at your Mairie?