American needs help understanding his French Pension

I’m new to this forum, so appologies if this has already been asked.

So… I am a United States citizen working in France. At the end of 2 years (this summer), I will be ending my French work contract and returning home to the United States. Knowing my stay was only temporary, I have tried to avoid creating any long term entanglements. For example, the only retirement account I’ve contributed to is the mandatory one (My account is at AXA) which I think? is the AGIRC-ARRCO thing? (this is all so confusing)…

My ultimate goal is to somehow transfer and take the amounts I’ve contributed with me back home. I want to avoid future entanglements like dealing with International tax implications on my US taxes ever again (other than this one last year, of course). Ensuring I can recoup this money as easily as possible is also important, so would prefer to do it now. I’m 50, and who knows If I’ll be able to navigate the FR system, from the US, 12-17 years from now to be able to do that… I don’t care if there is a huge tax penalty on any sort of lump-sum withdrawl.

Of course, after a bunch of research, I’m sort of guessing that “that is not possible” might be the answer.

One last thought. I’ve seen with UK+FR, there seems to be some sort of “Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes”. Is there some equivalent that would let me move this fund from FR to a US based pension?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Charles Pisula