Americans Moving to France

I started this thread because it seems there are a few members living in the US that eventually hope to 'sell the farm' and move permanently to France. Collectively as a group, we have a vast amount of experience that might help those making the move. Whether you took a typical retirement and moved over here or did something completely crazy like us--retired in our late 30's and made the move with two children and multiple pets, the logistics of moving yourself and your property from America to France are very different than what our fellow British ex-pats go through. For those of you still in the US, this is the place to ask all of your questions!

Thanks very much Ken.


Hi Andrew

Here are a couple of links that might be helpful. The first is a general advice page for expat health-care options in France:


And here is a very active forum with quite a few American ex-pats:

Expat Forum

Since this one doesn't really have any sub-forums, I suggest you introduce yourself in the 'le Bistro' thread and ask your question there.

Hope this helps!


Thank you, Ken,

If you do have some links they could be very useful. It is a big concern for US citizens living abroad who may someday want to return to the States. Insurers here try all kinds of dirty tricks to keep from paying when you need it most and getting insurers here to cover one abroad is financially untenable.


Hi Andrew

This unfortunately is one subject I know very little about; although my wife has lived most of her life in the US, she was French born so our children and I automatically get French citizenship. I know there are a multitude of 'top off' insurance companies for UK residents seeking to supplement their coverage in France, perhaps that will work for you as well. If you can't find any answers here, I can send you links to a couple of very active American expat forums that have members in the same situation as yours


Hi, there. This thread seems a little old, but I have a couple questions that might resurrect some discussion?

I'm moving my family from the US to France, we're all US citizens, but I am lucky enough to also be in possession of a UK citizenship as well. I do not have an NHS card from Britain and I was wondering what other US expats are ding about health insurance as I also understand that it is not possible to pay into the French system until 5-year residency has been established.

So this now long-winded question is this: what are my fellow US expats doing about health insurance in France? Has anyone figured out how to navigate things like gaps in coverage and pre-existing condition clauses and the other 500 ways US health insurers try not to pay out?

Anyone have any advice on good family plans, etc?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been spending more and more time in France and am getting ready to do the paperwork for a long-term visa. I’m interested in any information anyone may have about places of obtain health insurance for ex-pats since this seems to be one of the requirements. Any hints about how to make the visa process more user-friendly would also be appreciated! Thanks!

@Ken Appreciate your thoughts as I’m one of those across-the-pond members who hopes to eventually live (part-time) in France. Would love to read an "if I had only known . . . " thread about the moving process. If not for future reference, for chuckles. Those anecdotes tend to be quite humorous in hindsight, or if one didn’t have to live through the experience but just gets to read about it!

Great idea, Ken. There were a lot of things I wish I could have asked about before moving to France. I’m sure we can be of help to others.