I have three farm buildings to take down and dispose of. Has anyone used a licensed company in Brittany ? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Rita

Hi Rita. No direct experience, but would be happy to make a few enquiries through a trade group on facetwitter...., just say the word. I'm guessing you have corrugated asbestos-cement sheeting (probably secured on rusting mounts / nails) above 3m height.

Where in this fine region are you / the buildings?

One last question; are there any building components which could be salvaged and resold to offset the dismantling costs?

Hi John. Thanks for your reply. If you could find any information that would be very helpful. Yes have corrugated on rooves and thin plaques on the walls etc.

We live on an old farm just outside Pontivy 56300. I doubt if there is much to salvage. The framework is wood ( I think ) certainly in one building.

The quote we have had is for 4000 m2 of fibro ciment. I fwe paid a contracter to take the biggest one down we could probably take the other two down ourselves. I am struggling to find the protocol for an individual dismantaling fibro. I have been to the Mairie and they had no idea and told me to contact a specialist firm. I understand the risks and need for special precautions etc Has to be taken down piece by piece and not pollute the air et etc. Need to wear respirator mask, overalls, gloves etc. I cannot find the relevant rules eg someone on this site said you have to have a permission prealable before you start the work. What about public health ?? When I initiallly went to the Mairie they wrote to Pontivy and the letter came back saying we could take any of the outbuildings down. No need for a permis de demolir unless it is habitation.

Hi Rita;- I will put out a few feelers and (hopefully) get back to you with a few names / contact details.

As a general observation; the levels of asbestos used in these sheets is very low, however it is a nasty material and should always be treated with caution. Inhaling dust is the hazard, so any / everything you can do to suppress its release is essential - a strong solution of washing-up liquid acts as a "surfactant" to keep it down. Face masks (of course), gloves, and disposable / single-use coveralls (include hair coverage) should be seen as basic precuations. Stand up-wind and wherever possible avoid cutting or breaking the material - or allowing it to fall..... think of the job as dismantling, rather than demolition.

Check with your local dechetterie than they are able to receive the waste material - which you will have carefully wrapped in plastic sheeting, or an old carpet!

I'll get back to you shortly...... John

Thanks John. If we take it down ourselves we would then use a company for skips licensed to deal with this product. They furnish you with a certificate to say it has been disposed of legally.

A friend near Lesneven just had a roof removed and it cost him €4,500 they wore all the protective clothing and then slung it in the back of a pickup and drove it away.

I have just got rid of a similar roof (20 sheets 8 X 4) at the dichetterie in Brest. free, but you are limited to 4 sheets a day. They are open 7 days a week. I didn't mind making 5 trips - about €50 in diesel.

If you search on your local dechetteries then you should find one that can take it and what their rules are.

Thanks Chris. We have about 3000 m2 of amiante to take down and dispose of. I am trying to find the legalities of taking it down ourselves. I have contacted the enterprise who did the diagnostics and he told me that a particular can take it down i.e. an individual.

Hi Rita,

I don't think there is any legal requirements for doing it yourself, however you want to stay as safe as possible. This link is to the UK HSE guidlines

Removing asbestos cement (AC) sheets, gutters etc and ...

should help - we tend to 'gold plate' any EU regulations in the UK, and I doubt France is stricter rules.


Thanks Chris. I will have a look at the link to make sure I have all the correct information