Amnesty for Illegal Firearms & Knives 2022

I wonder if that includes air rifles, I have one tucked away somewhere, would take a lot of finding though. :roll_eyes:

They will take any firearms
 with no hassle, no comeback

but if you wish to keep a firearm, they will help you to “declare it” properly and
proof of identity will be needed

as for the legality of air rifles, this (old) topic from 2014 might still be relevant


yes, it’s interesting to see what is considered “legal”.
The govt is hoping that many illegal weapons will be handed in
 and, of course, legal ones which are not used can also be removed from the public stockpile
 if the owners wish.

Not to my knowledge unless the one you have is of sufficient muzzle energy that you need a chasse ticket to possess it.

I think the limit you can own without a ticket is 20 joules/15 ft.lbs.

Thanks all, if I can find it I’ll take it to the gendarmes. Never been fired in anger, it was bought by me after my car had been stole twice in the '80s.

Parked on the street in full view of our 1st floor flat I decided to avoid further entry damage by leaving it unlocked, chaining the steering wheel with a big padlock, having a secret fuel cut off switch installed and bought the sir rifle from the bloke across the road.

The cutoff point was designed so that the engine would start but run out of fuel almost immediately. The resulting noise would alert us in time to bounce a few pellets of the roof to scare them away. It was never needed, I reckon the sight of the large chain and padlock was sufficient deterrent. :joy:

If you don’t need it, the it’s probably no bad thing to offload it to the gendarmes, if only to avoid risking it being stolen during a burglary and the baddies shooting at folk with it

seems that thousands of weapons fall into the wrong hands every year

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Remember Mr.Bean padlocking his green mini and losing the keys.

this one?


It will be the same as the UK. The criminals won’t hand in their weapons!
A couple of years ago, I was working with a French chap who told me a story told to him by his Grandfather (ex-resistance apparently) that once hostilities were over, they were told to surrender the weapons dropped by the Allies an those they obtained from the Germans. He said they were collected and hidden ‘Just in case it happens again!’

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We have an old well which has been filled , seemingly with rubbish. We were warned a long time ago that old wells were favourite places for hiding weapons and to take great care if ever we decided to investigate further. We never have.

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Its also why, in France, you need to get specific permission to go off hunting with a metal detector
 quite a few accidents have occurred that way when hidden ordinance has been disturbed and gone off :boom:

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A part of the reason that you don’t see metal detectors here is that anything buried belongs to the State. There is no Treasure Trove, which is a shame. So many items of interest must disappear into private hands.

amnesty starts today
 with centres all across France ready to receive weapons.
Weapons surrendered will be destroyed
 weapons one wishes to retain, will be registered etc.

Seems some 8000 weapons are stolen each year, falling into criminal hands

the more destroyed weapons the better is my own personal view

Another good haul

Although the amnesty will not apply to me personally, I noticed that the pic from the SudOuest article featured a C96 which I own myself along with a M712, both legally held under a permis.

Brilliant warning video for First Aid students đŸ«Ł

There is an incredible variety of weapons “on the loose” and/or simply lying around somewhere “at home” where a burgular can get at 'em.

Those who keep legit weapons safely under lock and key
 have no need of this amnesty.