Amplifon, what are they on?

After failing to get a hearing test because the booking was mysteriously lost over a year ago, I was recommended to Amplifon, which do free checks on production of a CV.

Had to wait for December for that but finally saw the man.

He tested me with the earphones which produced a chart for each ear after giving me extreme pain by sticking a needle thin probe in to clear a bouchon. :astonished: It was smaller than my elbow so I knew it wasn’t right.

When we were done he just grunted in French then English ‘see an ENT specialist’

That was it and I was left to find and make my own appointment, which I did after much effort, for next December, a year hence and 2 years after my first query at our then MT.

I explained that I was hard of hearing, err, that’s why I was there wasn’t it? So why oh why do they keep phoning me? Every month since, because they want me to buy an aid from them when I get my ordonnance.

It doesn’t matter that I have told them my appointment date. Nor that I am hard of hearing and please text or email me not call.

Today was the last straw. In French I said, ‘I have problem of audition, I can’t hear you’. So she started talking again and I repeated what I had said. Still she carried on so in the end I shouted, because I was beginning to believe that she had a similar problem. 'I CAN’T HEAR YOU THAT’S WHY i CAME TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE. SMS ONLY PLEASE. and put the phone down.

Feel a bit better now. :joy:


I’m sure you have a dog whistle David, use that next time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Good that shouting at someone made you feel better. I bet it made her day too

You should have gone to Ecoutervoir as I feel sure I recommended in previous threads.
RDV within a week or two and aids provided on a free 1 month trial immediately.
There will be an Ecoutervoir near you.

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Yes, there is one not far away from Amplifon, but aren’t they just the same, they test you in order to sell you a hearing aid? Remember the Amplifon ‘specialist’ simply advised me to see a specialist. :astonished:

But that is not my gripe with them, in fact I appreciate that they didn’t flog me something inappropriate at the time (already had 2 of them in the past which were useless) , it is that, knowing that they are dealing with someone who can’t hear them on the phone, why do they keep on phoning? Especially as they have been told several times that I can’t see a specialist, and therefore get a prescription for them to fill, until December.

@Lizzie1 , only just picked up on the idea that perhaps you were critical of me shouting at a poor assistant. What else can I do if they won’t read or pass on their own information from the notes they have on me, surely it is written down along with my phone number? And in any case she wouldn’t shut up, kept talking over me.


I listen patiently at first… but when all hope is lost I simply say… (if necessary, over the top of them speaking)

“Pardonne, mais je fais rien au telephone… m’écrire une lettre s’il vous plaît… bye bye…”

and then I put the phone down, firmly but gently.
(My French might not be absolutely correct… but I’m sure they get the gist… :wink: )

I never do receive their letters… :wink: :wink:


But do you still get the phone calls? That’s the bit that irks.

(Love that word BTW, haven’t used it for yonks). :rofl:

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Earlier this year, one lady phoned me back almost immediately to ask why I had put the phone down…
Very politely, I repeated my “phrase” and put the phone back down, firmly but gently… :+1:

Beggars belief sometimes, doesn’t it… but … yes, they do still call… fits and starts… seems peaceful at the moment… or might be because I’m out most of the time currently.

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No, not in my experience. Of course the fact that you are requesting a hearing test suggests that hearing aids are needed.
I was tested at Amplifon about 3 years ago which resulted in an aggressive sales pitch for the more expensive hearing aids so I didnt bother and struggled on.
When Macron changed the criteria so that mutuelles had to cover the cost over and above CPAM reimbursement of certain hearing aids l was tested again, this time at Ecoutervoir.
They were certainly geared up to the new system and have been very helpful ever since.
If you have your doctor’s prescription rhen give them a try.

The doctor we have now is very laid back in such matters, the 2 previous ones would get on the phone themselves and book us specialist appointments. Everything is left to me now.

Anyway, in view of what you say I’ll see if I can get a rdv with Ecoutevoir, can’t do any harm and anything before December is a plus. Even if they simply do what Amplifon did and tell me to see a specialist.

They are next open at Nontron on Tuesday, I’ll call in and see if I can make an appointment, and get it in writing. I could phone but, p’r’aps not. :wink:

Not this Tuesday, its a fete day 15th August.

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Sorry, I knew that, slip pf the keys, I have marked it down for Wednesday. :grinning:

Well @JohnBoy, the branch you went to was obviously better than mine. What a waste of time. There are 2 doors, one marked for hearing and the other for optics.

I tried the hearing one, locked, then went in the other one where there was a large display of spectacles. The woman in answer to my demand to make an appointment for a hearing test just said ‘personne’, with a shake of the head. 'Peut-etre a Perigueux? she ventured without any further information or advice.

Back to the wait for December clinging to the faint hope that that specialist does not disappear like the last one. :roll_eyes:

You sound very cross with the author or is there something between the lines?

I’ve generally always assumed so, but I rarely discover what. Maybe the answer is 42 like that old Hitchhiker’s cliche.