An English Club / lessons - where do I start?!

Hi folks - hoping that someone out there can help me get my first step on the path to setting up a (very) small enterprise involving teaching English to kids in my village outside school. I've already done some adhoc sessions in school at the request of teachers and am TEFL qualified. I would like to set up some regular sessions to be offered after school / Weds etc. No worries with the where, when and how but all the peripheral stuff is a bit scary! I have a couple of questions which I'm sure some of your very wise men and women can help me with (pretty please)!

1) Do I have to set up as an Auto-entrepeneur? Quite happy to pursue this but concerned that as my income is likey to be risible, I may end up paying to be doing this! Is forming an association the way to go?

2) Does anyone know where I would stand re issues such as liability insurance, Health and Safety and things like police checks as I would be dealing with mainly children? Does this depend on where I carry out the sessions? Ideally I want to use a community room after school but work in my own home on Wednesdays.

I'm exploring a few avenues right now, but want to do the right thing and set off on the straight and narrow, so would really appreciate any advice you can throw my way! Thank you in advance and apologies if this is in the wrong section of SFN. Merci beaucoup.