An Invitation

after two years labour, the arthouse chantelle project is about to open; on April 6/7 we have open doors to let our friends, fellow artists, and the local community see the progress. The project has created a number of working spaces that are available free to professional artists of all disciplines - fine art and photography, music, theatre and film, to mention a few, We have a shop, gallery, studio, cinema, workshop, printroom, residency, and a number of outddoor spaces, set in a small 15th century building complex in the centre of Chantelle. Spaces are offered in response to invitations from us, or submissions from artists. We are enthusiastic to support exciting work, encourage cross -discipline collaboration, and keen to see Chantelle grow as an arts venue.

Our work coincided with the arrival of two other private initiatives in the last year, both offering residency and studio facilities; also the opening of a new tourist information office with its own gallery, and the renovation of the mairie to include more exhibition space in a new media centre, and salle d'animation. All these interests work together, and we set up a new arts association - Chantelle les Arts -to facilitate the effort.

Chantelle is essentially a medieval town, though its roots go back to Roman times. It is dominated by the remains of a great french castle, now the Abbey of St Vincent, which in turn overlooks a beautiful wooded gorge and river. The town numbers some 1000 inhabitants. It has all facilities, but is under pressure from market town shopping centres and the 'crisis'. The arts initiative offers the hope of continuous attractions throughout the season and a new raison d'etre forthe town.

We're a long way from most french based Survive France - rs , but if you're in the region you are welcome to the opening; if not, call in if and when you pass.......

You couldn't be more in the middle of France if you tried! Hopefully one day I will be passing through. As we make the changeover to France residents I am getting anxious about maintaining my art practise in a new country, the art community seems quite different from Ireland. Good luck.

Sounds very interesting Richard,just what I could do with;an exchange with other artists.Unfortunately I'm too far away.