An unusual place to stay in France

I've been thinking about unusual places to stay in France as whilst we have our home in Herault, we know that there are so many interesting departments to visit and we do want to try to give the kids a holiday other than 'city break in London'.

Here are my favourites so far:

Sleeping on an aeroplane converted into a lounge and bedrooms. Kids would love this - La Ferme Aventure, La Chapelle-aux-Bois, Lorraine

Or how about hanging in the trees - Izzy would love this but I'm not sure it would be totally suitable for 3 aged 3 and under :(

Plum’Arbres, Trémargat, Brittany

Or we could stay on a Trailor park - no not that type of trailor park - this is a really cool retro one in the Pyrenees - Belrepayre Airstream & Retro Trailer Park Mirepoix, Midi-Pyrenees

This next one is too close to home and I've spent too much time living beside a dock with the kids - I'd rather have a holiday on dry land but it might be interesting to those of you wanting to visit Herault - perhaps househunting? if so I have a great house for sale :)

L’Appart des Anges Canal du Midi, Villeneuve-lès-Béziers, Languedoc-Roussillon

I love this next one but as we've been finding recently - the car is just too small for a family of 5 - now if they perhaps had something bigger like a Touran in a flat that might work fine (p.s. if you are selling a LHD VW Touran for a bargain price - I am looking for one!)

Chez Bertrand, Saint Ouen, Paris

And finally I wondered if this one - a photographers studio decorated with vintage photos, cameras, lamps and more was perhaps another successful venture of the SFN owners until I saw the location was in the food capital of France - Lyon.

Cour des Loges, Lyon, Rhone-Alps

So if SFN Towers is looking to branch out - perhaps you can knock up a few pallet bunk beds in the studio or even make a few euro from 'pallet holidays'. I definitely reckon you have a market there...If you could give Mr Fitzgerald some renovation inspiration, I'll just have a nice chat with Catharine and a few bottles of rouge and the girls can do some pet minding or horse riding with your 3 then that would be my kind of holiday!

Only joking btw ;) The aeroplane holiday looks great - no other passengers on board - fantastic!

Credit to for i the ideas

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Yes, house swap thread/group sounds good.

On the subject of swops (or indeed house sitter) anybody interested in the Monts d'Aree in Britanny, 30 minutes from the coast. Quirky village house, small dog, ancient cat, three beds, three recepts, garden two weeks from about 13 July?

Fabulous post! And I desperately want an Airstream. Now I have a whole park of them close by ;-) The SFN house swap thread sounds great - complete with fridges stocked with champagne, non? LOL

Great post Suz!

Another very good website is One off Places. They cover the world, but have many places in France.

Love this! Maybe we should have an SFN house swap thread.....