ANC official guide for fosse work

(Keith Lacey) #1

If anyone requires a copy of the official “bible” on ANC non collectif up to 20 EH, let me know and I will email a copy to them.

Avoid confusion, bad advice and downright wrong advice.

It’s in French but easy to follow.

Don’t forget they visit every 4 years to check old and new installations.

Have a micro station. Ensure your service book is up to date and signed /stamped by registered service agents, especially de-sludging.

Spanc/water authority have the right to check that at any time!

If the mairie or the other authorities deem your pollution to be a serious risk to others, they also have the power to enter and rectify it for you. Then you get a nice fat bill from the tresor.


(Juliet Harvey) #2

sorry, thought it would come up on my name. Many thanks.

(Hugh Tavenner) #3

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I haven't had a copy yet. Could you please send me one to

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(Tony Marwood) #4

Now receieved, many thanks.

(Juliet Harvey) #5

Hi Keith, I too dont seem to have had a copy. Can you send again please? Juliet

(Tony Marwood) #6

Hi Keith, haven't recieved my copy ?, if its in hyperspace somewhere could you please email another ?



(George Topp) #7

I'd also appreciate a copy please -


(daniel rees) #8

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(Hugh Tavenner) #9

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(C.Brian Ross) #10

Having just taken up residence, and having had the fosse emptied, I too would appreciate a copy.

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(Brian Thompson) #11

Hi Keith, could you please send me a copy of the official guide. email:

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(Ken Wildon) #12

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(Juliet Harvey) #13

Hello Keith, thanks for posting this. Could you send me a copy Thanks Juliet

(Gerda Bolton - de Bie) #14

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(Alan Reeve) #15

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(Ken Wildon) #16

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(Lesley Carman) #17

Hello Keith! Please could you send me a copy? We've just had a microstation installed this summer, so all should be well......but you never know. Thanks very much in anticipation.

(Tony Marwood) #18

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(Gordon Barnes) #19


A copy would be much appreciated!



(Michael Blackmore) #20

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