And on Christmas Day, which books are you hoping for?

For me there is no book I’m particuarly hoping for. I’d still like ‘Living in the Material World’ the book about George Harrison. It was out for last year’s Christmas market. I wouldn’t mind ‘Fifty Years of the Rolling Stones’ but I can live without it. There’s no novels I want. Any non-fiction history about the Tudors and/or Plantaganets would be most welcome.

I’ve got a feeling though that there are none in the pipeline.


Now I'm really jealous!

We bought lots of books. Two I was particularly pleased with was the 1926 CS Forester detective story, title escapes me, re-issued last year and an original from the 1950s Buckeridge Jennings Goes To School. Got 4 copies now.

Brian, I also received a pair of Dalek socks. Eat your heart out.

While we were in UK, one of my treats, to myself, was to raid any bookshop I could see! Going to settle down for a good gloat over all that I managed to buy a little later on!! Then - once calm descends I may consider making a list of the books I would have liked to get, but didn't manage to find!!

:-) Tom Baker not my favourite though!!

Jealous! Dr Who...

Visited my brother yesterday who gave me the following signed first editions:

  1. The Truth by Michael Palin
  2. Oryx and Crake by Margaret Attwood
    And also first edition from 1979, paperback ‘Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation’ signed by Tom Baker, the featured Doctor in the story. (I love Dr Who)


Watching the Dark is good, read that a short time ago. Crime is my bedtime book most nights anyway.

Bluebirds v Jacks, seems interesting. We moved here from Swansea and I guess since we were there when the Liberty Stadium opened in 2005 and saw them slowly moving up through two leagues, pre-Premier of course, I know the local derby stuff a bit. Long rivalry of course. Swansea done good though, and the rivalry yet to be resumed if the new owners push the Bluebirds then who knows? Maybe a part 2 book?

The books I reeieved were quite a mixed bunch. Thoughtful and not, and I suppose this is the important part, ones I’d pick up myself.

  1. The Excursion Train by Edward Marston. The giver knew I love trains and mysteries.
  2. Bluebirds v Jacks. A book about Cardfiff and Swansea.
  3. Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson. A lovely hardback book And I love crime novels.
    And finally number 4 The Complete Tour de France Records - the giver knows I’m a great fan of the Tour.


Well, I collect cookery books and there are new members of the family plus some Philip Kerr Bernie Gunther crimis for bedtime reading. Can't complain at all.

My choice would be

" L'Histoire de France vue par les Peintres" or any art history book with beautiful color images. A book of portraits from the 16th -17th century that I could drool over. One of the Kaffe Fasset quilt books that are missing from my collection would also be welcome.