And that we are once again pushing our trolleys...The Bored Bard

And that we are


and that we are once again

pushing our trolleys

down the food aisles

our infectious hidden smiles


and that we are now

echos of who we used to be

hiding behind luke-warm masks

our muffled voices having to shout

and that we have become

a two meter long distance runner

with all those new hurdles to jump

there is hesitation in our dance

these foggy thoughts

these stay-at-home dreams

how quickly we get used to

the way we weren’t

who we see and how we breathe

has become the stuff that nightmares are made of


Ah yes, but me I have a chariot
that keeps me stocked and on the go,
why so cheerful you may ask
tis cos I have a decent mask.

One in white to cause no fright
and one in grey for a dreary day,
and one with flowers for when it showers
and one with a clip so it doesn’t slip.

So up and down the aisles I go
avoiding any contra-flow,
hidden away by my disguise
whilst ever searching for mince pies.

I’ll take the time to keep the rules
and pay no heed to baulking fools,
such things are needed to survive
and in this way we all shall thrive.



who we see and how we breathe



That stand-alone fragment has great poetic power :heart:


I’m in the prosess of kicking myself on the spelling mistake. Thanks for you comments. Tony

Don’t sweat the small stuff, Tony :sweat_drops::smiley:

I overdid it, on the correction, rather irritating of me. It’s your poem after all, of course. I guess the serendipitous part is that by doing so, I got to look at that line of your poem a bit more, and as Peter Goble says, indeed that fragment on its own is lovely. Anyway, yeah. Lemonade out of lemons, thanks PG, and again I am sorryTony!

Dear Mary

Absolutely no problem Mary. You certainly didn’t overdo it. I need all the help I can get when it comes to spelling, punctuation and grammar.
Every time I push the send button there is the Gremlin that makes changes to the text…I think that I’m that Gremlin.

I always welcome comments which will help me improve. That’s why I put stuff out there.
I have has some really good advice from others which I know will help me in the long run

Have a great day.


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By the occasional poet…

Keep calm, be cool
Wear a mask, no fool
Get the app, take care
Stay safe, be aware

Embrace the lockdown
Enjoy this leisure
It’s great to be busy, but
Time is a pleasure

Holidays next year?
Probably not
Crystal ball says
Not a lot

A week in Spain
A laze on the beach
Just for the moment,
Out of reach

Dream instead
of things to do.
Useful stuff
to get you through.

Better keep busy
Make a list
Do those things
you might have missed

At least in America
it’s going well
the moron’s going
no more hell

So here we are
can’t travel, can’t dance
but can fully enjoy to
Survive France!