Andrew Marr show... Irish Foreign Minister says it like it is

I think Simon Coveney’s tone shows the frustration felt all across the EU.


I briefly watched some of the interview and I thought AM was very brusque with Simon Coveney - demanding a yes/no answer to his question when the issue questioned is too complex for that. Mr Coveney handled Marr very well I thought.


I thought Andrew Marr seemed to dislike some of his answers where they deviated from uk government position - AMs responses at times was odd and questions suggesting blockades by EU were almost parrot fashion from Johnson.


I’ve not watched Marr beyond the headlines and the “papers” section for a while - much too sycophantic to Tory MP’s for my tastes but did continue watching for the Coveney “interview” yesterday.

I can only say that Marr was awful - seemingly wanting to frame a particular point of view and constantly trying to cut Coveney off and prevent him from giving a full answer. His (Marr’s) expression at the end of the interview said it all.

I thought Coveney handled it well.


something akin to sucking a European wasp perhaps? :rofl:


I’ve largely stopped listening to the BBC because of the current “house style” of aggression and interruption and bias. They treat the listener/viewer as we were imbeciles, rather than letting the interviewees speak and allowing us to form our own judgment.


A style developed and honed by the appalling John Humphrys on the Today programme. Unfortunately essential; listening for my other half, while I’m in the room next door trying to block it all out and occasionally yelling in exasperation “shut up and let them speak!!!”

Unless it’s a Tory when they let them come out with obvious falsehoods and obfuscation and do not challenge them on it.

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Yes, Kuenssberg has also been accused of being too pally with the Tory press office. I guess the licence fee threat worked.

Seems Geoffrey Cox - the previous Attorney - is also now speaking out against Doris’ plan to disrespect international law. Suella Braverman will of course only speak in favour of it as she has no morals and is a rubbish lawyer only having her job as a «yes person» for the Doris and Dom show…

Well Frost just got his reward for abandoning any vestige of integrity. I suspect Braverman won’t be long waiting for ermine.

Terrible misogynist windbag

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You like him then? :wink:

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pity is wasn’t his just rewards :wink:

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Give it time… :slightly_smiling_face:

Villains historically got their just desserts, which, as I recall, were typically less than rewarding.

Me too. In addition to the above criticisms, I’d suggest that many BBC (R4) interviewers lack the creative intelligence or sufficient in-depth understanding of the subject under discussion to really challenge ministers. In addition, ministers and government spokepersons are seldom pressed when they offer some vague, so-called mission statement in response to a specific question. “We are working night and day to keep all members of the great Btitish public (pause while listeners vomit) safe and secure in these challenging circumstances.”



Yes, or to answer the question with “we are spending £X millions on fixing…” when they know full well multiple times that is required. I don’t understand why interviewers don’t go after them to ascertain what the requirement is, not what Elastoplast they’ve thrown at it.

Well, this is an old clip but goes to show the lengths the BBC will go to protecting Doris… impartiality, my arse…