AngloInfo not so Info

HI Everyone. I have used AngloInfo for lots of things since we have been living in France. For research, to sell things and it was a fine site and quite easy to drive. Fairly recently it was taken over by SmartExpat and it was quite frankly absolute rubbish. Anyway I have some freezer baskers for sale so I paid up my £25, had two arguments with them about being logged into Occitanie and now they’ve disappeared. The whole site is down, no log ons anywhere. So they’ve taken my loot and scarpered. Be warned

They have gone bust haven’t they?

Have a look at this thread Carol from a few weeks ago.

Anglo Misinfo was an excellent site for the sort of pukkah information that you get from the bloke who’s always down the end of the bar.

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Well it seems to have gone.
I presume that you do not drink in bars and you are not too fond of Essex?

I had a look at yellow pages and there’s a notice saying office closed

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There’s a ‘phoenix’ site for Brittany - - but I don’t know what the connection is with the old anglo-info / smart-expat business is (if any).

Well I’m certainly not so fond of some Essex folk.

Well David I am not from Essex.