Does anyone here use that site? I was sent information on possibly taking a Franchise with them... any opinions on whether it might be worthwhile?

Has anyone tried this and regretted it? Or perhaps anyone found it a great venture?


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That is quite unjustified - that is not what this site is for.

I was using A.I on a regualr basis for a coupel of years and did find some bargains on there.

In the last 6months I have found the site very frustrating and agree with many o the comments about censorship and the fact that it varys.

What I do like about this site is that it feels like there's real people on the other end!

"The people who run the Brittany Anglo Info site are really nice - one of them did a sponsored parachute jump in aid of Cancer Support France and they give this group loads of publicity. I'm sure they would talk to you positively if you contact them."

The most surprising statement I have ever read on a French forum. I have been deleted countless times and been banned outright four times over the years and never once had a proper response to my queries asking "WHY?" Those "really nice" people just hide behind the hallowed "Terms & Conditions" which I have read thoroughly and finding nothing that would explain their actions. I could only assume the only reason was that I often took the opposite point of view to many of the "chosen ones" that tend to dominate the forum with their high minded propaganda and elitism.

On one of the other regional A.I. discussions about the hated "new look" website the admin. actually joined in with the discussion. Pretty much unheard of on A.I. but it worked. She promised to sort as many tech. problems as she could and apologised for all the hassle people had been having. The Brittany admin. could only win points like that by doing the above mentioned parachute jump without a parachute!

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It obviously varies from region to region then and that would make sense as different management is involved.

Personally I only ever use the 'bon coin' for buying and selling as it knocks the socks off everything else (and you're not limited to one region of France!)

I am aware that lots of people I know also read AngloInfo regularly in Brittany. I have it on my favourites bar and check it every morning when I log on to my laptop. If you are looking to buy something in particular you have to respond promptly or it will probably have been sold already. I treat AI mainly as a site for information about all manner of things and don't get into deep subject discussion. I would certainly miss the facility if it weren't there.

The people who run the Brittany Anglo Info site are really nice - one of them did a sponsored parachute jump in aid of Cancer Support France and they give this group loads of publicity. I'm sure they would talk to you positively if you contact them.

I have to agree with much of the above. Poitou-Charentes is one of the most successful Fr franchises and even the owner of that franchise went back to the UK very quietly last year and now has a new job, so that maybe answers the commercial question. Anonymous forums are on their way out IMO, as genuine individuals prefer to put their name to their comments...

Well this is it... I mean, they are already saturated with ads somewhat, and really, how many more deals can be made at this point? Food for thought. But needless to say, highly unlikely (and that's being generous) that I would get involved at this point.
After this feedback, I'd have to have more serious issues than I thought...


Uh.... Okay, that is ridiculous, no way I want to be involved with something so bizarrely draconian. Like they say in the Dragon's Den: I'm out.

Isn't FrenchEntree the same as that too Brian?

Totally agree with Bruce and others - AI is run by idiots and they have a constant need for franchisees as they don't tend to last long!!

I have been banned for pointing out that other posts similar exist to that of my own which was removed! If I try to place adverts for our Charity events, they are removed as being 'self promoting'!!!

My advice is to steer well clear.

I agree, I am north of Creuse so go between Limousin and Centre but really I only go on it to see if there are any bargains. Not really used it as a forum.

Dear Doreen and Steve - whilst we are on the subject, please, pretty please, can you both upload a profile photo - the pics are one of the things that make SFN great and not AI. Thank you.

*because just about every expat in Europe uses it*

I dunno about that Brian - my spies tell me the times are a changing! Maybe Europe wide but certainly not so much in France.

Because AI is obviously infatuated with the risk of catching rabies. Sorry AI, you already caught it long ago!

My favourite ever AI story and one of the reasons we started SFN...

We have a large Rhodesian Ridgeback - soppy as you like but a bit scary for people who don't know the breed. A few years back, we saw a post from someone in the area who had the same and wanted to meet for walks. James ( yes James not the dog) replied saying "Hi, my name is Mischa, I'm 4 years old and castrated. I'm good with bitches and other dogs once I know them, love chasing sticks and would love to meet and go for a walk with our owners".

The post was deleted as "you have not included 'your' microchip number" - did they think the flipping dog could type?!!

And why do you need a microchip number to go for a walk? Answers on a postcard please.....

anglo is ok for posting free ads or buying chickens etc

the geographical element is simply stupid tho as there are often things for sale 2nd hand which would be of interest if it wasnt a 5 hour round trip to buy it ! my dept 47 is included in the dordogne !

totally agree with the censoring etc - bit like many other french forums where the mods are totally powercrazed and take an OTT stance on most things - basically there is no discussion forum therfore not much web traffic !

franchise not worth the hassle................. if you want some hassle then buy a French village bar !