Angouleme - Circuit des Remparts 2023

Hi All, we are visiting this event for the first time and wonder if anyone has any advice or tips - do we need to book anything, how easy is it to see the different events and to get about, etc. We’re staying Friday and Saturday evenings. We’re not absolute car nuts but thought it was a good excuse to visit the area. All advice very welcome, thanks.

Probably something that @Stella can tell you

Definitely book seats and maybe restos. We were there in 2019, great event but do book.


Thanks for the link.

Thank you John, will do!

If you do take John’s advice about restaurants, I can recommend Cokotte. Ate there earlier this year and really enjoyed it.

The only issue I had was that the Black Angus steak wasn’t from Scotland but from USA. Looking at the menu now, they’ve replaced it with beef of French origin anyway. Everything was absolutely delicious!

Edit: found some pics I took of my food…


Thanks for that recommendation Gareth, looks delicious!

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John, can one also see any of the racing from the streets, without booking grandstand seats?

I don’t think so Anne, it’s all pretty well cordoned off and the actual “circuit” is quite small. If you just want to see that cars though and not the racing they are all over place and the centre of town is buzzing with them the night before.

Great pictures John, and I will book grandstand seats. Any recommendations on which of the 4/5 seating areas to pick?

I think we were in the tribune de Marronnier which was nice. I think of we go again ever I’d choose closer the paddock and I see the tribune de Theatré is a available :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I just pressed the button qnd it seems they’re gone :frowning:

We’ve booked circuit entry tickets which are for Tribune du Marronier but not a guaranteed seat… an early arrival and sharpened elbows may be necessary! Thanks for your help.


I hope you enjoy it. It’s a great event and I’m only sorry that I can’t attend this year.

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Thanks Brian. If I manage to take any good pix I’ll post a couple.


Thanks to all who posted; we’re just back and had a great weekend in Angoulême. We visited the Concours d’Elegance on Friday night - drivers dressed to match the era of their cars; saw some fantastic cars depart for the rallye around the countryside yesterday; had a great meal last night then watched some of the practice sessions this morning. Very exciting short laps with some pretty sharp turns. Saw a Mini crash right in front of us (driver fine, car less so) and three other breakdowns. The recovery process is extremely efficient and the unfortunate drivers get applauded off the course. This morning the town filled up with scores more amazing cars, parked up all through the pedestrian centre. Very busy last night and today, with a really friendly atmosphere. Everyone’s happy to chat even if like us you’re not a car nut!


Glad it went well Anne.

Sounds amazing!!

It was better than amazing. :smiley: