Animal Sanctuary

Dear Friends,
After having lived in our house for many years, we have a house near us where they have built an animal sanctuary for foxes. While this is a lovely idea, it is too near our house and looks like a prison. They have now made a proposal to extend it! While we love animals, this is too much. Do we have any rights? Any help?

You put your objection in writing to the mairie within four months of the notice going up outside the applicant’s property. The onus is on you to object, no one will inform you of any buildingapplication and that is why people have to visit their local mairie regularly to keep up with applications going in for works.

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There is no concept of bad neighbour development here, so consultation is minimal.

Even the notice hasn’t yet gone up there is no harm in writing in with your concerns earlier as once the notice has gone up it means permission has been granted. Talk to your neighbours as well to see if others are concerned.

I’m wondering from what these foxes are being ‘saved’. It the intention that they will eventually be released back into the wild?

And if not why not?


We have been to see the Maire, however he hasn’t really said much to the lady who runs it. Nor has he been of much support. It has already been built.
I suppose he thinks it will bring our village attention.
Indeed we love animals, but hard when it is close to the kitchen window. The bark and night too.

The foxes have been rescued from injuries and most will not be able to be reintroduced to the wild. There is now an application to extend the enclosure for more rescues. The fences have to be very high with barbed wire and an electric fence all around. Looks a bit like a prison :frowning:

If the mairie is not bothered then perhaps the next tactic could be to talk to the people concerned. Perhaps they could do some planting around the perimeter for example? Surely it’s alarming for sick foxes to be exposed?

Also keep a record of the noise and if it does become intolerable you can lay a complaint.


Out of curiosity I am wondering how they are funded.

Would have thought the foxes could tunnel out too. Do you/did you (think it will become did you) keep any hens?

Are hunters not popular in your neck of the woods then?

From Press articles
 it seems these foxes are those which cannot survive in the wild because they’ve been injured (or similar) and the plan is to let them “be themselves” in their natural environment
 under the watchful eye of the retired vetinary nurse

and there’s an interesting website

and they are financed by donations, mostly, it seems

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that might be a point in your favour, so to speak
 the distance from your dwelling

You mention the noise
 do you notice any smell???

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It is indeed a wonderful project but if it expands more, my neighbour is going to sell up and it will certainly make it very hard for us. I just wondered if there are regulations as to how near an animal sanctuary is allowed to be next to inhabitants in the village.

Sanctuary or whatever
 there are Planning Regulations which should apply 

You/Your neighbour should look into this.
Anything which fouls the Regs in relation to your neighbour’s property (or your own)
 should be mentioned firmly
 not just saying
 “I don’t want it here”
 if you get my drift. :wink:

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This focuses on neighbours with animals rather than a sanctuary, but may be relevant.

Thank you Fleur. I did find this too, however, I think animal refuges may be classified differently.
As far as I gather, the Maire has more say than the prefecture. Do you this true?