Animals/ wildlife

Snakes have too eat too Karen!! Ithink I prefer snakes to toads, each to his own.

Your photos always seem to exude such happiness or contentment it’s unbelievable. They give me a real lift.

True Love

Hey what brilliant photos. Especially like the smake G. What sort of snake is it???

Some visitors last summer!

Thank you.

That is really something. Brilliant Photo. G.

Absolutely… Magic… G.


And another visitor.

Taken here in France this summer.

This fox was playing in next doors garden in the middle of London - taken on a visit to London earlier this year.

Fab Photo G.

That is like something from a Fairy Story. So calm… G.

Oh that is lovely! I have a reverse picture shot yesterday - cat looking out from the kitchen!


Exquisite. G.

Handsome eh !! G. This comment was intended for the photo above. Love it. G.

Thank-you PJ they are often there when I take my dogs for a walk, I did think along the same lines as you when I looked at the image, I may have another go