Animals/ wildlife

Come on you know the idea now lol

I enhanced colors in extreme to show white hair.

Nice depth of field and color.

Taken at night with flash...then ran.

Like that a lot Michael.

La Fête de Saint Aphrodise is taking place today in Béziers with our mascot camels as usual.

Love it!!


The moths are fabulous as we have a terrace of irregular gray/white paving so have had a few of them which we try to remove to escape the cats one of whom, Charlie, is featured here.

plus a grasshopper on a bike


Wild European Mink spotted on the bank of the river Orb.

Tooooo cute!

Eddies back. Although we think it might be a younger male.

and Antony’s crop

Well deserved! It is beautifully captured. Well done: