Annexe 3916

Hi “tax experts”.
I recently sent off my latest tax declaration. I “reported” accounts declared last year, and I added some new ones. But when I look at my documents on my “” account, I can only see the newly declared accounts. I’ve phoned the tax office twice, first time they assured me that my previously declared accounts were “reported”, the second time they said they could only see the newly declared accounts (same as me), so I should declare again the accounts declared last year. Totally confused, don’t know who to believe.

Belt and braces? Pop a paper copy in tbe post LRAR and ask them to sort it?


Hello OP,

Not a tax expert - hope I can help though, presume ‘sent off’ means declared online, was last year also online - or paper?

The accounts I declared online last year appeared with a message to confirm or not, I just confirmed them all - the system said I wouldn;t be able to go back to them again, and I found I could download all the tax forms completed, including the 3916. Haven’t checked but I think they were all for this year, I guess the previously declared accounts will pop up next year.

Last year though I messaged saying I couldn’t declare all accounts because of the 99 account limit and can I send a (previously emailed to my tax inspector) pdf list, they messaged saying please post your enquiry - so took a printout of the previously declared accounts to the tax office , but such a queue didn;t get a stamp just dropped it in the post box.

edit carrying on post -

On a previous visit I also mentioned the large amount of accounts UK nationals have to open to keep up with interest rates and the person replied - don’t worry about it.

So my thoughts would be that if these accounts are previoulsy declared, last year , they won;t show up but will be in the system and whether electronically declared or by previous paper, the impot won;t really be spending any time reconciling your accounts with those reported to them by HMRC.

Can I suggest relax and if you’re going to be passing the tax office sometime, drop off a paper list if you wish, and don;t feel a rush to LRAR everything? You’ll blow all your interest on postage costs! :slight_smile:

Sounds all is declared already - and also you have the screenshots?

Again, I’m not a tax expert and this post is unlikely to be of any help with your offshore account with £1M in it, though possible less unlikely may help to place your tax affairs in context of your UK tax declared account with 1p in it.

What is true is this 3916 business is a real PITA ! Though hopefully for Trump more than us pauper forumites.

The website has a glitch…

Its done it to me the last two years - there’s a box you tick before you get to the 3916 - miss that and it deletes everything.

Ah, is that the 8UU box !

Possibly …if I rembered the damn box number I wouldnt have cocked it up twice…

somebody kindly posted warning to tick it first before accessing the 3916 or it deletes everything…

I can’t remember now if I ticked the boxes before or after, but when I opened 3916 I saw the list of accounts declared last year and I reported them, then I went on to declare a new account and when I went back, none of last year’s accounts were there, I had to add them again (which I did after the deadline was passed - I hope no negative implications…)