Another Boursorama question

The card arrived, the cheque book arrived, all good so far.

Where I’m having a problem is setting the account up to pay for my on-line purchases with CDiscount, as I’m about to close my La Poste account which is currently where payments are made from.

Each time I enter the Boursorama coordinates, a message pops up saying the bank has refused to agree. I have emailed them twice for an explanation, without managing to receive a reply. I posted on their FB page and the post appears to have been deleted, so I’ve posted it again. :smiling_imp:

I tried leaving a message on their FB page but Elliott, the friendly robot is useless.

Has anybody had a similar problem, and is it only with CDiscount or other merchants such as Amazon, where my La Poste card is also linked?

In your Amazon account, you should be able to include an additional payment account (without setting it as your preferred one) just to try it out.

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@SuKe One other thing that occurs to me…
Often with online banks (such is the case with Revolut) when the card is received it may be necessary to activate it. This can be be done by actually using the card in a merchants (not contactless) using the PIN or in a bank automatic teller machine. That confirms to the card supplier that you are in possession of it and thereafter, all should be well. That may be simply the reason for the initial refusal with CDiscount. It may also be possible to activate it through your online account.

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Thanks. I have already made a withdrawal at an ATM. I’ll try using the card in a shop with the PIN.

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after which, try to register your card again with CDiscount to see if it has now cleared Boursorama security requirements/conditions.

I made a purchase using the PIN, and now the card is registered. :slight_smile:

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