Another Bump for Survive France

Yes I’m doing my best to increase SFN membership & Petit(e?) Franglais Kid No3 is now on its way, due January 2012. The question is, will it be born in France or the UK?

My preference is 100% France but for now I can’t answer that as it very much depends on my hubby’s work situation. One thing is for sure with 2 little ones to look after it is far easier for me to be where he is most of the time even if that does mean I have to use a drive thru NHS labour ward. I say drive thru because I’ve heard on your 3rd they have you in & out in less than 6 hours. Not exactly the 6 days I’ve enjoyed in Beziers France with my first 2.

I’m a bit apprehensive about the whole thing to be honest, isn’t it weird I’m more worried about having a baby in the UK than in France and I’m English! Well so far it hasn’t been that straightforward.

I registered the pregnancy with my Dr in France back in May, she gave me the usual ordanances (prescriptions) for blood tests & an early dating echo (she was concerned I may be further gone than I thought as it is very soon since my last bebe & I hadn’t had the return of the monthlies) anyway I then went back to the UK with my instructions and tried to organise the early dating scan. Sorry we don’t do those on the NHS came the reply, you’ll have to go private. OK then, so I book in with for a Saturday appointment (£120) which wasn’t as expensive as I thought it was going to be (given my hubby didnt have to take half a day off work to mind the kids).

He concluded I was later than my dates actually & so was only 7.5 weeks pregnant. I confirmed this to my Medecin by email (life is so easy being able to discuss all of this with her online) I then tried to book my 12 week scan in France but the clinic wouldn’t do it I’m not back home until I’m 13.5 weeks (trop tard madame). So I had to book another scan in the UK. Now again I tried the NHS (under the EU scheme there is reciprical maternity rights as an extension to the EHIC scheme). However the hospital wouldn’t organise any treatment until RSI issued the relevant document…GREAT and that could be 2014 given the speed of our Carte Vitales (currently been waiting 18m no sign).

So back to private clinic again and another £120 for the 12 week scan, bonus again though it was a Saturday so another day without hubby having to lose half a days work. The scan was fantastic, the images were really clear & it waved at us & we saw a clear view of its hand & whole body outline. The Dr asked if we wanted to know the sex as he could see it already but after my weakness to temptation my hubby said No we’ll wait. Actually glad he did but I am rubbish when it comes to surprises - it was a good job he was there!

So what’s next, back to France for my routine care, more toxo blood tests which are monthly and regular check-ups with my Medecin. I’ve had a look at the NHS hospitals nearby & they are all rating Below Standard…not comforting. Private is not an option. So I am now deliberating a comfortable safe birth in France but with 2 kids to sort out & a hubby possibly in the UK? (Not ideal) and would need to move my mum out to France for a while. Or try to find a hospital within a 1 hour radius of Canary Wharf which has at least an ‘average standard’ rating as I can’t bear the thought of going somewhere that is classed as under performing,especially given the current budget cuts - what will they do? Ask you to deliver your own baby to save on midwives?

Not an easy choice this one, I always thought all my kids would be born in France and the experience I’ve had there has been fantastic. There is a long time between now & January, I won’t worry about it too much.

But I will have to keep chasing RSI for the necessary paperwork should I end up having No3 in the UK it looks like I will need this, at least the NHS are finally closing the open door policy for foreigners who have not contributed to UK tax/NI (obviosuly I’ve paid loads in the past) but I have to say I find it funny to find UK bureaucracy as it’s so often French bureaucracy we get frustrated with. How things change!

Congratulations, Suzanne. I hope you have a peaceful pregnancy despite the location issues.

Congratulations! If you possibly can , go for a UK home birth - way better and safer than going into hospital generally. And congrats again - we really appreciate your efforts to increase the numbers :slight_smile: C&J xx