Another Carte Vitale for Pensioners Query

I have received the forms AS461-14 and S.1103 forms relating to obtaining a Carte Vitale as a UK pensioner. I have filled in the forms [almost] correctly but I have a problem with one line on both forms. I can’t find this mentioned on previous posts, or even doing a Google search, so I must just be very obtuse. At the bottom of the yellow, triple carbon copy page, regarding pension details, there is a line which says: “Certifié exact à...................................,le...............” On the other form, a questionnaire, it says : “Fait à........................, le............” I translate these as “Certified true at..................., le.. (date?) & “Made at (or form filled out at?)..........., le (date?), but my question is “at what” or “at where”? What information do they want in these spaces? I have actually signed my name in these spaces but now realize that they want some other information. I’d be obliged if anyone could enlighten me, so that I can send these forms off and hasten the arrival of my Carte Vitale. I am taking the advice of another post on this forum and am going to make several photocopies of all forms, but several people have also mentioned having to have things translated, and so far I haven’t been asked to have anything translated. Does that mean this is not the end and I can expect more forms? Also, I was told that the Carte Vitale has a photograph on it but haven’t been asked to provide a photo As usual, I much appreciate any help. I had a sleepless night wondering what information they want and I couldn’t come up with anything.

I had to have my birth certificate and deed poll translated, about 200 euros for both but still nearly a year later, am waiting for the carte vitale.

Hi Gillian. As far as I know, you put in the place and the date in these two spaces, so you put the village/tow/city name after "à" and the date after "le".

Thanks - I have decided just to put in my address after the certified true at questions, even though the form asks for address already. I've decided to go into the CPAM office in Montpellier in person, so if anything is wrong we can sort it out in person. I shall take photos too. It's all very complicated but no doubt will be sorted out in the end. At the moment I'm on my way back to the UK for a week and feel I'm not covered anywhere for health. Better not fall ill!