Another Mosquito Threat - Virus Usutu

This is the “common house mosquito”… so watch out…

As one of those who is the first to be bitten, this is not good news.
I already sleep under a net and have my bedroom window screened and carry a Dapis stick in my pocket.

I have a thermo nebuliser (Ghostbuster) fogging machine for treating large surfaces; parks etc. There re also anti larvae granuels for stagnant/still water, ponds lakes. Non toxix unless you’re a 'skito. Similar to how the treated towns and villages in South America a couple of years back.

The Bordeaux - Biarritz Côte d’Atlantlique regularly gets blitzed as far as I’m aware. I’ll speak to the cirm who has the contract and report back.

There’s always a solution. DEET or mosquito curtains also stave off these critters!

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We live in Burgundy, so maybe it will be some time before this becomes a problem for us.
I tried a non-toxic type of skin spray and it made my asthma worse, which is weird because my asthma is triggered by many chemicals.

We saw a thread of here last week about organic products for insect repellent, we spoke to them and ordered some. Works really well, normally i am like caviar to the mossies but since we have used the product no bites at all. Highly recommend it as it worked better than our old Jungle Formula we have used for years.

I was allergic to Jungle as well.

A bit more of an explanation of what is going on…it seems to affect birds as well…perhaps another reason why bird-life seems so reduced…

Not mosquitoes but I was working in the garden today, long sleeved T shirt + over shirt when I felt a stinging sensation on my chest ( alright boob). Once I was able to delve amongst my clothes I pulled out a caterpillar that had bitten me in 3 places, must have fallen from a tree and made it’s way inside. I have put T Tree on and will see how it fares (boob not caterpillar)never had this happen before ! :anguished:

Good grief, you’ve got some nasty little blighters in your area :worried:

Do you use neat oil, or dilute it ??

I moistened a cotton pad with warm water, dripped some T tree on and applied to the area. It’s a bit inflamed this morning so I will mix some Lavender and Peppermint oils in with the T Tree and apply direct without a ‘carrier oil’

I never knew that caterpillars could be so ferocious, this wasn’t one of those monsters that go on Pine trees either, but a small dark monster !:unamused:

this is the season for bighting beasties.

Another possible solution?