Another one of those panic moments

As my Father-in-law is in hospital recovering from his big C Op, yesterday I decided to take the Mother-in-law to the big Marks & Spencers at Stratford. After 2 hours breakfasting and dressing the kids we finally set off and took the DLR (Docklands Light Railway). We ended up at the front of one of the new trains and the girls were so happy as the trains are driver-less they could sit right at the front with their Nanny and see the snow capped East End of London.

As usual I sat behind them with one hand on the pushchair to stop Maisy going anywhere (the lightweight pushchair tends to tip over on bends).

As the DLR took the very sharp corner at Poplar, my little Izzy went flying off the side of the seat and in slow motion it seemed, smacked her little face on the bottom of the seat opposite. Blood immediately began rushing out and her face was quickly covered in red. We were still on the bend and I had one hand glued to the pushchair which was tilting and I cried out for Izzy but couldn't reach her to scoop her up. I felt frozen in time watching my poor little one as she pulled away from the seat. After what seemed like an eternity we exited the bend (it was probably only seconds) and I let go of the pushchair (which wobbled) and grabbed Izzy into my arms. I wedged one foot into the pushchair and looking like a contortionist I tried to comfort Izzy and see where the bleeding was coming from reaching in my pocket for a tissue.

Blood was pouring out of her mouth, I could see her lip was cut but I could also see it was coming from the top gum too and her tooth had a chip out of it. She was understandably extremely upset and whilst I struggled to comprehend what was happening the train continued to rumble on another 2 stops. A DLR lady gave me a new packet of tissues and I mopped up as best I could and she asked if I needed an Ambulance. I couldn't think straight. I just wanted to cuddle Izzy, make her better and somehow be transported back home, all the while being whisked in the opposite direction to where I wanted to be.

Another minute passed and I took action to get us off the train and go back to Canary Wharf, I helped Nanny, Jasmine and the pushchair off the train whilst holding Izzy who cried out for me to hold her (which I was). We pressed the help point and returned back to Canary Wharf where an Ambulance was dispatched to meet us.

Izzy had taken a knock to her head and now that the bleeding had slowed down I could see she had cut her top gum which had exposed the top of her tooth and her bottom lip had a deep cut although this was assessed at a glance because not surprisingly she wasn't happy at me looking in her very sore and bloody mouth. The DLR staff were concerned about her so called an Ambulance. I called my hubby at work.

Within 3 minutes Darren arrived - he must have flown, as he ran up the escalators onto the platform, his coat was flapping wildly as he searched for us. The Ambulance arrived shortly after and took Izzy and Darren off to The Royal London. Apparently because of her age it is routine to take them in for head assessment.

It was at this point that I burst into tears, felt sick and started shaking. I had panicked, I hadn't known whether to get off, stay on, get an ambulance, go home or what. I worried about her head, I worried about her teeth, I know only milk teeth but still, poor little thing. I went over and over what happened, could I have caught her, should I have let go of the pushchair to catch her, I should have sat her next to me and not next to Jasmine. We've been on the train many times and she's never fallen off the seat before. She seems like such a big girl, only this week she'd climbed out of her cot and been moved into her big bed. She's potty trained herself in a week (no effort from me required) but then in a moment like that you realise how small she still is.

Darren sent me a photo of her drawing at the hospital, she was calm, the bleeding had stopped. The Dr's did their observations and said to keep an eye on her regarding her bump to the head (a small egg shape had appeared on her forehead) and if the tooth causes a problem to take her to a dentist but the good news was she could go home and eat soft food for a week or so.

Today she's ok, the gums keep bleeding randomly but hopefully they'll heal quickly. She's a brave little soldier and besides asking for Mummy's pink medicine last night (Doliprane) today she's not complained at all.

I, on the other hand am still wondering if I could have done anything differently. It was like slow motion, it felt like an eternity yet happened so fast. I didn't sleep last night worrying about her and woke up every couple of hours to check her, so as a result have a fantastic tiredness headache today. I'm relieved that she's ok and certainly will take more care in future on trains and buses, in an instant everything turns upside down and there were 2 Fitzgeralds in hospital. We walked very slowly in the snow back to the apartment - I didn't want to make it 3!

I totally understand how you felt.My youngest daughter went right over the top of her ride on car and lost two front teeth. I was alone and in the middle of the country. I washed the teeth in milk and pushed them back, how I remembered what to do I am not sure. We went to the hospital, a half an hour drive and was then told that I had done exactly the right thing and they could do nothing more. The teeth discoloured, but her adult teeth were OK.
I hope all turns out well.

Run extension flex in and run bedside lamp in bathroom.

If you can, switch the switch off at the fuse box.

I'll be tipping the wine in tonight! Today the light switch into the bathroom completely fell apart and so now we have a live switch exposed - I've been frantically calling the landlord to get an emergency electrician out. The girls have been told under no circumstances are they to touch it. I've covered it with parcel tape and paper - not sure what else to do but I bark at them every time they go into the hallway - WAIT for ME! En mass visits to the bathroom until it's fixed!

The expression 'never rains but it pours' springs to mind. Somehow children manage to making the 'pours' bit into 'tipping'!

Hope the girls are alright and that you have stopped shaking. With the best will in the world, accidents do happen, so don’t beat yourself up about it, you did as much as you could.
Best wishes to you, the girls and Darren.

You poor thing! Stop questioning what you could or could not have done differently, and give yourself a break. Treat yourself to some nice coffee, or chocolate, or whatever comfort food works for you. Sending big virtual hug. xx