Another Painting Holiday venue

Sunday January 29th.

So far according to my calender and counting we have had 16 days of sunshine this month and there’s still tomorrow to go. I have been meaning to do this since I arrived. As we are supposed to get 300 per year I have decided to check. Should be interesting.

‘Deluge’ yesterday and I had to make the one and a half hour drive to a village near near Castelnaudry, aquaplaning for a fair bit of the way. Not fun, but I was going to meet some people and look at their gîte as another possible painting holiday venue. I’ll keep you posted.

Well, it started sunny but not so good now, so I’ll settle for 17 days in January, but let’s face it climates everywhere are all over the shop. Have you tried meteoonline?

The statistic for Pau is the double the number of sunshine days as London but half the rain! Haven’t actually counted the numbers but maybe I will start - but I won’t tell my wife as she thinks I go on about it too much as it is. Definatley cooler summer last year but we had one day of 40c. Our plumber stated that the temperature one night was -6c which was a record-it is normally round about 4c in the winter. Very little rain and no violent storms unlike last year. Can you advise on a reliable weather forecasting site-the most inaccurate I have found is France Meteo with TV forecast useless.