Another question about customs declarations

A while back I posted about the need or otherwise for customs declarations for cards to Australia and received helpful responses (as usual!)

Now with the joys of Brexit, I have been looking at the on-line forms you can fill in from and am very confused. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
What I do, on a regular basis, is send on a specialist magazine to my very elderly friend in the UK after I have read it. I could pay for her own subscription but she would be horrified about the expense so I just send her mine.
However, it doesn’t really class as a cadeau (or is it?) I don’t have any form of receipt for it, it isn’t a commercial transaction and I am dithering about how to fill the wretched thing in. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Papers and documents don’t need declaring…

That’s useful, Jane, thank you. Do I not attach a form or should I attach a form with “documents” on it?

I don’t think you need to attach anything, according to this from La Poste. But maybe check when take it to Post Office as perhaps a magazine is in grey zone between papers and a present.

I see what you mean. That pdf is useful and I should have found it myself - sorry!
Up until now I have printed off my own stamps and just stuck the thing in a post box in an A4 envelope but I think you are right - I should ask the post office!

Does this apply to second hand items?
The magazine has already been read so nobody would know if it was a present or not.

It looks like the only form I can print off on-line is the CN23, which doesn’t have a documents category as opposed to the CN22 which does. Hmmm…

You can send it in a transparent wrapping with a label on and it should cost less.

So that customs can see it’s a document? I didn’t know that option was available but then there is so very much I don’t know :smiley:

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Would a freezer bag do the trick?

I expect so, I have subscriptions to various publications and they all come in a bag like that and have some special cheap postage rate.


That is most interesting. I have subscriptions like that too but it never occurred to me that I could do something similar!


I think there is a special rate for sending a large number of the same things, which is what magazines use. But there is also the timbre gris -or ecopli. Which is cheaper than timbres vert, but slower. But I don’t think you can use it for international post, so didn’t mention it.

But ask your post office!

I most certainly shall! I’ve sent off the latest one today in the hope that it will be accepted before 11pm but it was very late arriving so I shall certainly ask advice of the post office with the next one. I like but it does have a number of limitations…