Another scathing police report

Tuning into the UK news as I do in the evening, I see much excitement on yet another report that the Met Police are condemned as institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic. For heavens sake, what is new? Everyone in London knows the Met is one big dodgy club of misfits! How many more reports are necessary?!

Second part of this is, that Sky dragged out David Blunkett for comments and emphasised my thinking that the UK - when I lived there - did have some good people at ministerial level - what has happened since…?

What’s happened is that he, like so many other so-called socialists took the Queens shilling and decided it would be nice not to have to chase votes anymore. I’ve no time for any of them and if I met one would insist on Mr. Mrs. or Miss.

The Head of the Police Federation was sure that it was the same throughout the country.
Damning words.