Another Tory deserting the sinking ship

This time it’s Dominic Raab.

Dominic Raab will stand down as an MP at the next general election, weeks after he quit Rishi Sunak’s cabinet over bullying claims.

In a letter seen by the Daily Telegraph between Raab and the chair of his local Conservative Association he said he was concerned about the effect his being a frontline politician was having on his family.


His Esher and Walton constituency is thought to be vulnerable to a resurgent Liberal Democrat party at the next general election. He has a slender 2,743 majority, and the area in Surrey is among Ed Davey’s top targets.


His majority was tight at the last election - he wasn’t going to have a choice at the next election if polls indicate voting - he was going to be out anyway.

He always struck me as yet another person who had reached the level he did because of the poverty of choice in the current parliamentary party.


So he jumped before he was pushed by the electorate… I guess there is some truth after all in the saying that all bullies are cowards :smiley:

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38 Tories now choosing to not stand at the next election, including some household names such as Javid, Brady etc.

Even they can see that the writing is on the wall.


A tragic loss. A loss that is of seeing him humiliated at the next election.

I was amused to hear Anthony Seldon (historian and author of Johnson at No. 10) explain that after a long run in power any Government becomes inhabited by talentless dross. This isn’t a Tory only phenomenon, though Johnson and Truss have taken incompetence to new level. It’s just that all the good people (by whatever definition) who were there to win power have moved on and the rubbish has floated to the top. Ain’t that the truth?