Another wealthy Brexiteer does a runner, á la Dyson

Mind you, it does look quite nice. But the hypocrisy is stunning.

Hardly breaking news, in September he said Hambach was likely to be the location of the Grenadier factory, he was just waiting for the deal with Daimler to be finalised. This is a Covid decision and not driven by Brexit.

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Really, given the acute effects of Covid, catastrophic though they are will last what? 18-24 months overall compared with the ongoing situation which is Brexit?

I think to say this has nothing to do with Brexit is a bit naive.


Whether Brexit or Covid Tim, it’s another rich “do as I say, not as I do” bastard jumping ship.

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If he had just abandoned plans to open a plant in Bridgend in favour of France then I could accept this was down to Brexit but he’s also shelved the proposed facility in Portugal. Whatever people think about his politics Ratcliffe is a businessman first and foremost and this is a business opportunity that he simply couldn’t turn down.

How is he jumping ship, he hasn’t closed any car plant in the UK and moved it abroad.

I feel bad saying this - I am proud of England’s achievements - chuffed to be English (not British) but I hope Boris’ Britain goes down the pan and begs to be allowed to join the gang again. I emailed the Guardian - it was Remain - asking when it’s going to let them up north who voted out know how much the UK has lost so far from leaving the club - am thinking of INEOS et al - am thinking billion euros covid EU recovery fund - am thinking of the arts - wasn’t Liverpool a slum before EU money rescued it.


He’s jumping ship Tim because he’'s another Brexiteer who’s buggered off leaving the great unwashed to carry the can. Like the tax exile Dyson who has even moved his manufacturing offshore. If post Brexit Britain is so great why not invest in it? Amusingly the bastard that runs Wetherspoons has been hoisted by his own petard. Despite having tried to shaft his underpaid staff.


You are right Pamala. The average punter was sold a pup by a bunch of privileged toff bastards (Bojo, Gove, Wooster-Mogg et al) . I don’t want a deal (bad as it may be) I want everything to go to hell as quickly as possible, the toffs to be chucked out (metaphorically swinging from lampposts in the Strand) and Britain to rejoin the EU as a full, Euro embracing member. What a powerful political and economic block that would be. Maybe the only one strong enough to counteract China.


Precisely - this is why brexit would have loomed very large in the decision. To think that any ‘businessman’ would fail to take account of such a major issue - when other UK car manufacturers have already moved 20,000 jobs abroad, is, as Paul says, ‘a bit naive’. I’m sure there were other factors, but equally sure brexit would have loomed very large.

Nor, incidentally, is Ratcliffe very good at business…

From beginning to end, Ineos’s business model represents grave threats to clean air and water… “The Ineos vision for the future is a disaster for clean air and water, and a disaster for the climate as well.”

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Seriously, how many ‘lucky’ billionaires do you know?

That is simply not true John, his admin headquarters are moving to Singapore but his manufacturing base remains in the UK.

Really - from the FT

Not sure what he does in the UK (the article (apologies that it is behind a paywall) mentioned a UK headcount of 4800) but it does not appear to be manufacturing.


privileged toff bastards (Bojo, Gove, Wooster-Mogg et al)

because EU clamping down on their off shore scams

I don’t want a deal (bad as it may be) I want everything to go to hell as quickly as possible

hadn’t looked at it that way - good thinking - won’t get one anyway Gove is OCD about fishing rights for his father even though his father says he’s wrong - he’s being sentimental

What a powerful political and economic block that would be. Maybe the only one strong enough to counteract China.

d’acc (ord)

I don’t judge whether somebody is good at business solely on financial results Timothy, do you?
The world is full of rich criminals and unscrupulous opportunists. The businesses and business people I respect make money and act responsibly towards people and planet.
To be ‘good’, business has to… well… be good !

I reckon this is the first time I don’t agree with you!

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What has personal respect got to do with Ratcliffe’s success in business Geof? Most billionaires got where they are by being a***holes at some point and Ratcliffe is no different I’m sure.

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I’m not sure what you mean by ‘personal respect’ Tomothy. I’m talking about being good at business.
You seemed to suggest that financial gain is the only criteria by which to measure business ability (or at least that it is sufficient evidence of business ability). But nobody really believes that, do they? Implied in that view is the belief that any business project - however illegal or immoral or environmentally destructive - can be judged solely on whether it makes money, and by no other standard. That’s not good enough for either of us, is it? - or for any other right-thinking person.

Moreover, it’s a view that actually obscures real ability: many entrepreneurs set up and run businesses that are successful both in making money and contributing to improved environmental and social wellbeing. They’re the ones I consider really good at business - whether they make a little or a lot of money is beside the point.

But the majority don’t Geof because their main purpose in setting up the business is to be financially successfully.

I’ll take your word for it Tim. I would have thought pretty well all manufacturing is in China these days.