Antargaz - Ordering on Their Website Problems

Hi there,

I have been trying to place an order for a tank refill with Antargaz online. I have done this in the past with no problems until this year the site tells me that I have the wrong kind of account and I must call them.

Has anybody else had this issue and how was it resolved? I have written to them 3 times through “contact us” but nobody ever replies. I find phone calls extremely difficult as my listening french is so week.


I assume you can log onto their website ok.
What about your contract? How old is your contract with them? You can send them a mail to update your contract.
My contract has a price reduction, therefore they fill the tank at their discretion, I just have to update my account from time to time with the tank’s meter reading.

Hi Crabtree,

Yes we can log in to the website. My contract was taken out in 2016. Maybe we just need to renew it. It also stopped taking the direct debit to pay the annual tank rental. It is our holiday home for now therefore we only order gas every year or two. When we are not there the gate is locked so hopefully they would not just keep topping it up by 5 or 10%.


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Try ringing them, and ask if anyone speaks English, if you can’t do French. I had a guy a while ago who when he heard my accent asked if I preferred to speak English with him.