Anther step closer

well just that little bit closer to our move to our home in france. finally fixed the broken asperator been on my todo list for well over a year just kept putting it off as i hate working on roof but all done no more water creeping in. also finally wired the new bathroom into the mains no more lead light another job been putting off just in case i had wired it up wrong and as it was aa behind the ceiling board well need i say any more .but hey it worked and got loads of brownie points from the wife. so all in all spring next year here we come just have to get internet sorted which is proving to be a pain as looks like we will have to go down the saterlite route…still yippee

Bryan I can’t see from your photo if you are ging to be working when you are in France or retired. If you are going to retire,then there are steps you can take to improve your financial position, but they have are best done before you make the final move.