Anti-bullying government website link

This evening there was an ad from the government against bullying at school. I have not had the time to look at the site: but it may be of interest to the bullied.

I've had a look. As a children's rights and protection professional I would say the 'Que faire? Qui contacter? part is most useful but the test would be to see how and if it actually helps anybody. The section 'QU-EST CE QUE LE HARCÈLEMENT - QUELLES SONT LES DIFFÉRENTES FORMES DE HARCÈLEMENT ?' is too simple where complicated questions arise and the three kinds of bullying laid out in more detail below, especially moral bullying, could be in a far simpler language for young users to understand.

Having been a bit critical, I think it is a good starting point but they need to work on it raise it to campaign level, especially giving teachers courses to enable them to better understand the concept and see it, plus deal with it and/or refer on where neutrality of a helpline kind is far more appropriate.

Thank you for that Dominique. I've only had a quick look (I need my bed) but it looks to be full of useful information, who to contact and 'what to do' sheets for parents. I have a 9 year old and something is unfortunately bound to crop up during his school 'career' so I greatly appreciate knowing there is a resource like this.