Anti virus

Which one AGV FREE or AVAST FREE I have always used AVG but a scam crept in under the radar blocking my pc for a few hours until i got rid, not sure if Avast would have stopped it although assured by a friend it would have, any one any experience with Avast

I have used AVG for years with no issues. Were the virus signatures up to date on the machine that had the issue?


I run Avast on most of my PCs and haven't had a problem, I use Avira on one machine just to compare. However I do run Anti Malwarebytes and Super AntiSpyware on all my machines at least once a month.

No. 2 son is on his second stage in a computer repair shop for his BAC Pro electronic and both shops have used Panda. I believe there is a free version or a free trail version. His school also uses it. I hope that helps.


I hesitate to reopen this can of worms, but no, I didn't mean that. If you buy a Mac you distance yourself from the more common threats. But Mac owners are just as liable as Windoze masochists to be tempted by plausible phishing attempts.

Have a read of this blog - from which I take this quotation:

"As of today, all Mac malware is either extinct or cannot infect a properly-updated machine. Although there are situations that can lead to infection, they require dangerous behavior on the user’s part, such as not updating their systems or downloading software from bad sources, such as through most torrent applications. Right now, anti-virus software is still not necessary for most users. Will that change in 2013? It’s too soon to say. It’s certainly evident that the Mac is becoming a tempting target for malware developers, but Apple’s recent focus on security suggests to me that there probably won’t be much to worry about in the near future, barring the discovery of another vulnerability."



You mean if i buy a Mac it cannot get a virus? Wow!!

John - I've used both and would recommend both.

Here's a PC World review that marks AVG as being a better choice.

Or you could get a Mac…