ANTS France connect login problems

If you are paying tax d’habitation or foncière then you have a numero fiscale. It’s on the demand.

As for registering when a non-resident, you can. Here is the government’s s confirmation of the fact that a non-resident can own and keep a French-registered vehicle in France.

I have just brought an LHd registered Polish car from UK to France and registered it here. No problem using cartabox or auto box agencies, much easier than trying to do it on line for a foreign car import, cost is €100. Well worth it.
BUT at the moment there you can drive on foreign registered plates in France. Officially you have 6 months to register once you are here but it is not enforced. We know people who have been driving UK plates for years. The insurers don’t mind but one coud perhaps argue that if it became necessary to test this in court you may not be insured.
To get your immatriculation d’étranger you need a quitus fiscal which includes your address, to show how much tax you will need to pay at the end of the process.You get that from your local tax office or onine from your 6lical tax office. How are you going to apply for French plates if you dont have a French address? Each number plate includes the region you live in after the registration number.
You need a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer. Get it from one of the agencies for about €129
Your ID eg passport
Your driving licence UK is ok for now
An attestation that shows that your address in France dated in the last 6 months
The sales receipt with your name on it. Useful to show no VAT payable if second hand
If it is second hand (occasion) you need the previous owners log book/ carte gris
You have to fill in the downloadable form cerfa No 1993-PArRT for the quitus fiscal.
Certificat de conformité https:/
Good luck, my advice is to wait until you have an address here.
Sally Tyler

I have that number but when I log in from France Connect it gives me error E0200001
I have no problem logging in to “impots” to pay taxes though

Hi Sally,
I am not sure who your post was for but I have had my place about 17yrs.

I had to do the quitus online due to Covid. When I got through all of the hassle doing that the scan was unreadable…dont even know if it will be acceptable.
I ve given up trying to navigate the ANTS website myself so will try getting a pro to do it as you did.

Best to use a professional if you can’t make it work.

As for having 6 months, that is nonsense. If you are claiming French residency you must start the vehicle registration process immediately. Thus 6 months confusion arise from people not seeking residency, but spending up to 6 months in France before leaving again.

As for those who illegally drive about in U.K. vehicles pretending they’re not resident, and dodging the tax system at the same time, their days are numbered. Numbered at 90 in every 180 to be precise.

The problem us that everyone says something different, I went to my local French tax office and told him I will spend more than 6 months is France this financial year. He said “No problem there is no need to register your taxes here until you are officially resident…”
Did he mean changing over to CPAM instead of using my EHIC Card ?
Or when my CdeS arrives in June 2021? …Or do I just go to a Police station and tell them?

No, you can put any département or region you like, the département was always the last two figures on the old plates but now it isn’t mentioned, n’importe quoi.

The 6 month rule is detailed on this EU website

However it must be that France has not signed up to this directive?

Your comments please

The French government website states otherwise.

Un étranger qui s’installe en France doit-il y faire immatriculer son véhicule ?

Vérifié le 20 janvier 2020 - Direction de l’information légale et administrative (Premier ministre)

Oui, la démarche est obligatoire si vous vous installez en France et que vous y déclarez votre résidence principale. Elle doit être faite dans un délai d’un mois après votre installation. L’adresse figurant sur la carte grise sera celle de votre domicile en France.

Does a foreigner moving to France have to register his vehicle in France?

Yes, the procedure is compulsory if you are moving to France and you declare your main residence there. It must be done within one month of your taking up residence. The address shown on the vehicle registration document will be that of your residence in France.

You’re confusing the two. The EU reference is about people who are not resident, but visiting.

I can only advise anyone that they should always refer to the official site of the country they are talking about, and not rely on any other source for accuracy in matters of law and regulation.

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The only acceptable CoC must come directly from the vehicle manufacturer. Others offering CoCs are conning customers. ANTS won’t accept them.