ANTS France connect login problems

I am struggling to get my car registered in France using the Ants / France Connect sytem.
I log into ANTS ok then get directed to the France Connect options.
As I have not yet moved to France and dont have a French phone number the only option I qualify to use if the Impots.Gouv website. I have a No Fiscale but get error message 20001 after logging in.
I understand that EU (non French) taxpayers of property taxes (TF & TdH) are discriminateed against and unable to log in to register their vehicles.
Anyone got any ideas of how to get round this (apart from paying someone else). One suggestion was to get a french resident you trust to do it for you. Easier said than done.

Opinion on SF is divided as to whether it is legal for non French residents to register a vehicle in France, but the only option does, indeed, seem to be to get someone in France to do it.


I think getting someone else to do it will cause problems.
Would the car get registered to them or me?
They would also be responsible for paying the Immatriculation fees, which would make many French residents reluctant.
If it is illegal for a non resident to register a car then why have a law that requires non residents to register if leaving a car there longer than a few weeks?

Hi Paddy and welcome to the forum.

If you read your way through the other threads in Car/Motoring/Insurance

You will see that ANTS and non-residents registering vehicles in France… has been thoroughly discussed and thrashed out… quite recently.

You might well find something useful in those threads…

good luck

Don’t worry it’s not illegal for non-residents to register a vehicle. Plenty of residents have problems with ANTS which is why there is a whole 3rd-party industry who are able to do the job for you. Your best bet is your local garage or specialist carte grise bureau so that you can deal with them face to face.

Are you trying to register a UK car that you want to import or a French car that you have bought?

Hi Nigel,
Thanks for your response.
Its a LHD from Romania. Not registered in UK.
As I understand it I could be fined in France if not on provisional plates.
I wouldnt want to turn up at the port and be refused entry either.

Oh dear. Be prepared for hassle registering it (either by you or a 3rd-party). It’s a lot more complicated than registering a car in the UK.
What make & model? Do you have a certificate of conformity?

Dear Paddy,

Take what @nigelbbsays with a pinch of salt! The legislation is quite ‘grey’ and personally I would read it as being ‘illegal’ for non-residents. But then I am a solicitors daughter and tend to earn on the side of caution! And having been stopped by gendarmes who don’t always know the letter of the law (down to it being illegal to use a UK licence if French resident!), I wouldn’t want to argue the point. Just my opinion but I am sure there are others who are better informed. And as @smw says, have a read through the threads and make your own mind up. Good luck either which way!

Hi again Nigel,
Its a SEAT Alhambra 4wd. Yes I do have a CoC .
I managed to get a Quitus without too much of a struggle so fingers crossed.
Can you recommend an agent or does it need to be someone in my area (Herault) ?

Hi Sheila and thanks,
I did have a browse through other threads but found nothing specific about overcoming the log-in problems.
What are the tltles of the threads threads that you are recommending please ?

You may be OK. I have no special knowledge I have only imported UK registered cars. People are sometimes surprised they come unstuck when they buy a car with French plates then encounter difficulties because the previous owner didn’t register the sale.

@Mark_Rimmer will be able to assist you with registering your vehicle.

Do you want to do it for me Paul ? Lol

Sadly I don’t live in France either

Do you have an alternative to Mark as I believe you found someone else to do your registration…or perhaps it didnt work out ?
There are few ANTS agents in my area and none do foreign reg cars.
At this rate I will end up taking my unregistered car to France and risking it.
What a nightmare it is just so the FR govt can take money off you.

Looks like I might not need to register it for a while at least…found this statement online
Under EU law, a private vehicle may be temporarily imported and used on French roads for up to six months without registering it.

Any vehicles belonging to people staying in France for more than six months must be registered.

Vehicles not yet registered in France can only legally be driven by residents of the country if the owner is a passenger. Visiting friends and family may drive the vehicle, as long as they are not resident in France.

I’ve re-read you’re OP. I thought you were imminently arriving to become a resident & that’s why you wanted to get the car registered. If not then there is no panic as you have discovered. Once resident you have 15 days to instigate the process.

If a non-resident temporarily imports a vehicle then it still has to be road legal in the country of origin ie registered, insured, tested taxed etc I have no idea what the background of your SEAT is but if you have just bought a Romanian LHD in the UK with the intention of using it in France then you will need to re-register in the UK.

I am coming with the intention of permanent residency so when would the 15 days start ? In other words at what point do I become permanent from being a visitor?
I have already applied for my C de S which may not arrive before June 2021

In that case you need to register your car straight away (the 15 days starts the moment you arrive).

What nationality are you? You cannot normally apply for a CdS before you are resident.

I am entitled to both Uk and Irish nationality but would need to take out Irish citizenship papers and pay 280euros and wait a year so I applied for C de S instead.