ANTS (not in my pants)

I’ve heard about the nightmares of dealing with ANTS, but believed I had cracked it for registering our new old car.

I uploaded all the documents they asked for, and filled in all the details and had all the necessary green ticks and was then asked for payment which I made and duly received a receipt and a nice letter saying “Votre transaction a été acceptée et enregistrée.” AHA, I thought, that wasn’t so difficult!

I proudly printed out the receipt.

Since then I have had three identical emails from ANTS:

"Votre Changement de titulaire n° xxxxxxxx nécessite une action de votre part afin de finaliser votre demande.
Rendez-vous sur votre espace usager, accessible en cliquant sur le lien suivant :

Comment accéder à mon espace ?

Connectez-vous à votre compte
Dans le tableau « Vos Demandes » :

Sélectionnez « Reprendre » au niveau de la demande n° xxxxx afin de la compléter votre demande.

L’Agence nationale des titres sécurisés

Ceci est un message automatique, veuillez ne pas y répondre."

There is no indication what action is required. Nowhere to find out where it is needed. No way to ask them. No way to contact them.

Now I see why people are left tearing out their hair!

Any tips please? I have tweeted them but am not optimistic.

A fourth identical email has just arrived! When I obediently log in as requested to select ‘Reprendre » au niveau de la demande n°xxxxx’, it says: “Aucune demande en cours. Pour démarrer une nouvelle demande cliquez sur le bouton nouvelle demande ci-dessus.”

Am I being dense, or is there something wrong with their site?

Yikes - yet another email just arrived. This one said:

"Nous vous informons que votre Changement de titulaire n° xxxxx est passée au statut terminée.

Si votre demande concerne l’édition d’une carte grise ou d’une étiquette de changement d’adresse, vous pouvez suivre sa production et sa distribution en accédant à votre espace usager."

YAY! :slight_smile:

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It may just have wanted you to verify your continued existence by logging in, no more than that?

Any chance they could be scam emails - do any links take you to the right address?

Hmm fair to say ants does have plenty of surprises. I particularly like the sense of adventure when using it. Most recently when answering where was your licence issued question we used the 50:50 card and went UK. Wrong they meant the one issued in France. Seemed obvious afterwards…

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To reregister Mrs W, new second hand car, I took all relevant documents to the garage on Thursday and the garage did the business for 35€ I received the carte grise this morning :smiley:. No stress and very efficient.

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Was it the garage you bought the car from?

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Yes a very small village garage that sells cars for other people type depot vente so I actually bought the car from the owner


I initially took the required documents to the garage on Wednesday, got a phone call from the garage on Thursday afternoon saying that my EDF invoice didn’t comply as only had my initial W as surname. So I took an old water bill with full names mentioned.


They were genuine mails. I now have the CT :slight_smile:


I hope you mean CG - CT is the controle technique (MOT).

Oops! Yes, CG - all done.

I got all the same Emails from ANTS a couple of weeks ago
I discovered that in logging in to check the process of the current application it is very very easy to start a new application. This is particularly easy as the option to view the current transaction takes a good 24 hours to become available.
if you then inadvertently start a new process the ongoing transaction is superceded, and you get emails with different transaction numbers saying contradictory things. You can delete the new process but one hesitates. You have to look carefully at the transaction numbers which should differ in each email and on the ANTS site, so you can be sure.
I also received the terminee email with the first transaction number. At that point you can no longer access the process on the ANTS website because in their view it is accomplished, ie you succeeded. You can only track la poste instead, which also takes a good day or more to appear on the ANTS website.
As an ex computer systems analyst I use the term transaction to mean that to the programmers this is logical, but stupidly confusing to the user! It basically means different database records, each dealt with in complete isolation.

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Thank you for a lucid and perfect explanation of the confuddle. It makes sense of the slightly nonsensical way the website works. :grinning:

In our village folks just go to the village shop/tabac and the nice young man who runs the place does it all for them on his laptop. If such a service does not exist in your commune then perhaps a friendly face at the Mairie can sort it out for you.

What a nice young man :slightly_smiling_face:

I found the process very simple. It took me maybe 15 minutes including scanning and uploading the documents. It was just the repeated emails from ANTS which were mystifying.

ANTS help you find a qualified garage Géolocaliser des professionnels habilités à l’immatriculation