ANTS won’t accept COC

I have been told by a company I am using that ANTS aren’t accepting a COC for my VW golf in German. She has had them returned for other clients.
But I am reliably informed that they have to be accepted. And also now that you don’t need to send a COC.
The alternative I have been offered is to get a French COC at a cost of €150.
Does anyone know what I can do about this, are there any legal docs for this situation.? Thanks

Hi Gill Hunt (thanks for giving us your full name)

(@cat will be sorting your name registration …)

Re your car… things do seem to be a bit confused…

Sounds like you have been in touch with various folk… perhaps the person who “reliably informed you” could speak with the company you are using for ANTS…

just a thought…


Sometimes it’s not worth fighting the system, I tried once and failed (miserably). Get the CoC from VW france, ultimately it will save you a lot of grief.

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Contact the seller of the vehicle for a COC in French, that will save you the € 150! Normally that is not a problem!

Thank you.

Thank you
It’s actually my car that I brought over from the UK. So I got the COC from VW direct.

I have to say I am considering that to save the hassle.
But it’s so so annoying, especially as the codes they need on the COC are the same as the ones on my V5, so language doesn’t matter. And more annoying I am certain by the rules they have to accept it.
Thank you

When I requested a CoC from Land Rover for my Range Rover they asked what language I wanted so I asked for both French & English. I used the French one so there would be no argument.

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Last year I registered an imported vehicle through a Carte Grise cafe in Caen and I had no problems! Perhaps a Carte grise Cafe also exists in your area!
They also speak a little English, but you will get the job done .

Thank you.
I have sent a request to VW.

Thank you, I will look for one. What documents did you require.
Did you have to change the headlights or were the appropriate deflectors accepted?

The vehicle has german specs, so no change in headlights or reflectors!
Cafe grise has a website and the attempt of the government to privatise this service.
The registration paper from Germany, the COC, the paper from impot, that the french sales tax was paid, the invoice of the purchase, the proof of residency and the insurance cover for the vehicle. I left with the ww plate and received the answer in the mail and returned to the office, where the new carte grise was paid for , the new license plates and carte grise handed out!

I imported my Mercedes last year and used a CoC in German which I had obtained from M-B UK.

The company that I used to process the paperwork was

No problems at all, took about 2 weeks or so.
Only slight issue was that they retained the V5.

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Thank you for the reply.

I am afraid as yet my French isn’t good enough to use the same company.

Did you get your V5 back?

check your local garage… if they don’t do it… they will probably know a garage which does…

I suggest a garage, since I know the Renault garage in our nearest town does the necessary… for just around 35 €… I think (plus the C G costs of course which are set by gov ernment/department)

(and make copies of all documents you don’t want to lose…)

Thank you.
How do you know my nearest town ?
I will check for a Renault garage, thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated.

Ha ha… Gill… I suggest a local garage… from my own experience… of my own local garage…

I’ve no idea where you are… but I bet you do have a local garage… :upside_down_face: :joy: :joy:

Folk make suggestions according to their experiences/knowledge…

No, I didn’t get the V5 back in spite of chasing them.

I belatedly assumed that it must have been part of the process to keep them (perhaps to prevent the car being sold using the V5). Anyway as Stella recommends, I made a copy before sending it off.

You are right there is a Renault garage in Gorron, 12mins away. I will pop in. Do they need to see my original V5?

What a wonderful site this is.
Thank you

Gill… oh you are making me chuckle today…

There are 5 different garages in my nearest town… but only one does ANTS for folk… and it just happens to be the Renault garage…

Ask at Renault… and ask the others if Renault have no idea…

you can have all your paperwork with you, just in case you hit lucky… or, you can make an appointment to go through the motions later… (always make a copy of everything before handing it over…)