Any advice gratefully received - trying to sell my property

Have you tried Leggetts, assuming that they have an agent in your area?

Hello to everyone!
Yes we have tried Leggett, we had 3 viewings in 4 years :unamused:
Thank you all again for your advise. Sadly we do not have money available to modernise the kitchen and the bathrooms, but we get the message that a good ‘de-clutter’ is needed. Everyone who has been kind enough to spend the time to respond to our plea, could be a potential buyer, and we would be stupid to ignore your honest (and sometimes harsh :wink:) comments.
Thank you all very much again for your help!!

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And better photos! If they were taken by the estate agent try to get them to use a better photographer.

We look forward to your post in a few months time saying you have just signed the compromis de vente!

This site gives sold prices up to 31.12.18 and is an indication of where your house sits within the market.

I worked as an agent in the late 80s and 90s and I have to agree that the house does seem rather cluttered which would put me off.
You need to look at other sites and see what is available in your area in your asking price range. Put yourself in the place of a buyer and not the seller.
The orientation of the property is important to many just as the pool isn’t always required or welcomed. When I was searching for a place last year one of my requirements was NO pool for example. Not everyone wants 3000 m2.
I would definitely take down the Union Jack from the kitchen for starters. The kitchen looks a bit ‘underground’ and not very airy, many like an important room like a kitchen to be light and airy.
The tiled floors are cold radiators (unless you have underfloor heating) so i’m assuming the heating bills are high. Do you have a breakdown of the heating (etc) costs as any serious punter will ask for them.
The t & g wood ceiling in the lounge looks very 70s and needs to be painted or updated.
The stairs look wonderful but are they safe or comfortable for children and older folk ?
From my experiences the French don’t really like the idea of carpeting in a bathroom, its a British thing.
Just a few observations.

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I am inclined to agree with Timothy Cole, and be prepared for a hit on the price you will get. We sold our house which was not dissimilar to yours and had an enormous double garage. Pool with a telescopic abri as well. We had to accept a lot less than you want. It hurt us a lot but we did sell. At the time we thought we had sold too low and should have hung on for more. That’s all very well, but if you are still waiting to sell months or even years later, then it’s not such a good idea.


Have you tried 'French Property News? Also Complete France.

I would be wondering if the water was undrinkable because of all those bottles of water.

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Thank you again to all who have taken the time to reply.
Just to let you all know the water IS drinkable, but we run a B&B and give a bottle of water in the rooms for the guests. It was unfortunate that we overlooked them when the photo was taken :crazy_face:

Thank you all again for your comments.

How much are the Taxes Foncières Anna ?

The taxe foncieres is 504€ a year.

Really? That’s seems incredibly low.

Blimey, that is low.

I know!! That is what we thought when we moved here from Montelimar and we were paying nearly 3000€ a year!!! I suppose it is one bonus of living in the Ardeche :grin:

Would have been nice to know how much you are asking, where it is, what is the size of the house, what is the income per year, what is the condition, etc, etc. How can anybody help you without the basic facts?

It is on the estate agent listing further up.

I didn’t notice this comment by Robert originally - I confess that I’ve never felt the need to buy a tumble drier - the Whirlpool fiasco suggests this wasn’t a bad decision.

I can imagine that if you run a facility for paying guests a tumble-dryer can be a boon as guests sometimes like to wash their smalls and dry them rather than putting them unwashed in their luggage.

You can festoon them round the bath room if there’s a heated towel rail, but failing that they don’t necessarily dry enough over night to pack next day. Just a thought. :thinking::hugs:

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That’s the last thing you want to make available for guests, they cost a fortune to run. Give guests the basic facilities so they can enjoy their holiday but nothing more.


For our tiny gîte, we have no laundry facilities - folk can wash by hand (if desperate) and there is a clothes line in the garden for damp towels etc.

However, there is a fully equipped laundrette 9km away in the nearest town, where folk will go for their shopping etc anyway, so it works well.

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