Any advice on how to stop or at least limit this

(Beverley Saxon) #1

We live in a narrow street, one car wide, in an old part of our town, so the house front is directly on the road. Every day one of the neighbourhood dogs pees right by our front door. I have a feeling who it is, but cannot be certain it is the only one. I put white pepper down a few days ago and there was nothing for a couple of days but now today it has peed again. I can see the pepper isn't goin to work. Any ideas of products that may exist, other than a big gun of course! Thanks in advance.

(Beverley Saxon) #2

Thanks for your reply.

(John Withall) #3

That won't last long, sunlight breaks bleach down in a matter of a couple of hours at best, all that will be left is some salt.

(Carl Alban) #4

Bleach spray. kitchen/bathroom cleaner.... that sort of thing

(Beverley Saxon) #5

Thanks John. All ideas greatly received.

(John Withall) #6

Jeyes fluid works to if you can get some, does hum a bit but lasts a long time generally longer than anything else I have tried. In the UK is actually soaked into the tarmac and no dog ever peed or worse again.

(Beverley Saxon) #7

Thanks Valerie that is really helpful. I'll give it a go.

(Valerie Skinner) #8

Mix some cayenne pepper and water and spray it around. They don't like it. Of course, with the rainy season about to hit you may have to do it repeatedly but it will work out cheaper than a shop product. If you don't like the smell either. use a fresh lemon juice/vinegar mix but cayenne (or chili actually) is stronger.