Any budding Electricians out there?

When I first bought my place I elected for a 9amp supply. 2 reasons....

1. It was cheaper than the most other options.....;o)

2. I didn't work out the implications....:o(

Now, however, I need to weigh up and upgrade circuits, I find that the maths do not add up at all.

Correct me if I'm wrong....but....if 2000 watts (a small kettle) is drawing 2000w/230v = 8.9 Amps....

This implies that I would be unable to have anything else running at all??? Am I missing something?

All advice greatly appreciated.


Thanks Theo, very kind of you.

I've just had a quick look and it looks as if it may be useful. Unfortunately, I'm in the Charente. A bit of a trek to Nimes....

So, now I even joined this diy... Robert, saw your there are so many regulations in France when it come where how many sockets are allowed (4 on one line) then there are weird sockets you must also have. Best is if you look here. Its all in English. You may even contact the guy if you are in the Nimes area. He is quite helpful.

Yes indeed guys and gals....I made a BIG boo boo!!

I got my Amps muddled up with me Kw's. Thank heavens for that as I've just discovered a way to get it at a reduced rate......PM me for details.....;o)

I think I have a 9 KW supply, in the days before I installed gas central heating if I had more than two heaters turned on as well as the immersion heater the supply tripped, I have no problems now for normal useage it seems quite adaquate.

You opted for 9KW, so you can draw a nominal 45 Amps, or 3 x 15 Amps if 3-phase.

Hi Sara

I hope you are right.....I can't find any paperwork at the moment to confirm yes or know. To make matters worse I have paperless billing..;o((

Dont think its 9amp think its 9kw youv'e got

Watts = amps (times) Voltage