Any builders or roofers in the Vienne 86?

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I am looking for a builder/roofer or recommendation please, in or near me, who can supply a devis (i can help translate) and replace my poorly roof

Vienne 86, nouvelle Aquitaine. “Centre-ouest”

It’s corrugated fibre board, and has aquired 6 holes during the “grêle gelée” en mai cette année
15° inclinaison, almost flat roof, one level, 60m Square area.


It was horrendous. I have video of me swearing a lot describing hailstones as big as my fist!!!

Anyway, it’s absolutely a new ,or second layer of roof needed, which will be great because it doesn’t have ANY insulation, and now it will


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Will you insurance cover this?

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The chap we had (about 4 years ago now) do our roof was excellent. He’s in Brigueil-le-Chantre so depending on where you are in Vienne you could be a little too far for him to travel. He’s a Brit but don’t be put off at the scary thought that sometimes comes with hiring brits in France, many other tradesmen have commented on the quality of the job he did. His name is Michael Tinker and you can get him at firstname.lastname at orange. As I say this was a few years ago now so I can’t guarantee he’s still working even, but I think it’s the sign of a good roofer that you never have to see them again!