Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

My goodness thats twice the price I paid in October for the same amount!!!

Thank you @shiba! Most of the on-line suppliers seem to be out of stock of that one, including Neutrogena themselves so I suspect they might be replacing it with something else - perhaps the more expensive “Norwegian” one that @SuePJ found.

However, I shall try your suggestion regarding local shops and see what happens.

Have you tried Eucerin Aquaphor? Also very good. There’s a spray on version which is handy.


Good news for today is that the apparently dead chauffe-eau, reported yesterday in the “Not Cheerful” thread, is definitely not dead. After testing suggested by @wozza , it was narrowed down to the thermostat. My partner removed it and temporarily wired it straight through and it started heating. We left it on long enough to cope with showers this morning and, meanwhile, after careful examination of the thermostat, it looked like a safety cut-out had implemented (could be for a number of reasons) Next stage today was resetting the thermostat and reinstalling, then watching to see if it stopped heating when maximum temperature was reached and it looks like it did.
Next stage is to run a bath and see if it restarts heating and if it does, all is well :smiley: (apart from a small ancillary problem we are now looking into.)
I am such a happy bunny - I loathe standing in a bowl and washing myself after boiling a kettle, which was what happened yesterday morning!


Bath run (very pleasant too!) and thermostat kicked it to allow the chauffe-eau to reheat so we think we’re fine now :smiley:

The big quetion is what caused the thermostat to cut-out. we’ll keep an eye on it but the most usual cause is overheating, which wasn’t possible since it’s on a timer for a relatively short period during the night. Apparently electrical surges can do it so I wonder if it was triggered by the solar storms. The timing would be right :thinking:


The Neutrogena product has perfume in it, as do most products of this type. I have skin that is very sensitive to some perfume ingredients, and if you do then I would use something like the product that @vero suggested, which is a paraffin based product with lanolin, although it’s a bit eye wateringly expensive. I use a moisturising ointment called Cetraben 3 in 1 which is perfume free and much cheaper although it’s not easily available outside the UK.

I’ve just found the Cetraben moisturising cream in a pump dispenser On Amazon Belgium. It looks identical to the one I use.


We have just seen a pair of golden orioles flying round in our cherry trees in what must have been a mating.
Stupendous as these birds are normally very timid.
They obviously had other things on their minds.


I must be hungry - I read that as a pair of Golden Oreos… :smiley:


Unpopular opinion but I find Oreos are overrated. The cream filling is okay but the biscuit part is like eating mud (not that I’ve eaten much mud, mind you).

However, a friend recently visited us and brought over some of these biscuits she bought whilst in Oz recently… I’d heard a lot about them, and now I know why :heart_eyes:

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I am not a fan of Oreos, it was just that my demented brain made a connection. :slight_smile:

Oh Gareth, if you’d told me before you ate them I would have hunted you down :rofl:


Tw**kies are something I would never recommend. They reckon they would withstand a nuclear blast along with cockroaches. Made with nothing but chemicals basically.

Finally, composter received and installed, with the first drop of fruit and veg waste already deposited​:partying_face: think I might have been a little ambitious with the 1200l, but at least wont run out of space :grin:


That reads like you missed the next line - “like the dawg you are”



Not today, but yesterday went for a great mountain bike ride with a friend. Managed to come off on a good downhill by catching one side of the handlebars on a tree - came off on rocks but amazingly no injuries, thank the lord!


What are the overall dimensions of that arrangement @letsmile ? I have a problem thinking of solids in terms of litres and I wanted to get an idea as to whether they would be big enough for our needs!

It’s 198 x 72 x 83cm and when I look at what I just dumped in today, it looked lost, and that was just one compartment, so think it’s a pretty significant capacity.

Oh yes you will! :grin:. Maybe you can make compost in your area in 12 months, but even so you will have different degrees of doneness and may want to have different mixtures. We have twice that, largely because the cold here means good compost takes a while, but also because it mounts up.

Don’t forget to “brassé” your compost. If you do it from the start it’s easier. We use a compost corkscrew.

I think it depends what you put in it! If it’s just veg peelings and the like from the kitchen, I would agree, but if you use grass mowings and weeds, you can need a heck of a lot of capacity :roll_eyes: OK it rots down, but still…

Yessss Australia has the best biscuits (Arnott’s) and there are many variations of Tim-Tams.

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