Any chicken fanatics out there?

I am a newbie but have taken the plunge in my quest to becomming a little more self sufficient and I have just ordered my 'Eglu Cube' hen house.

Now I need to find some gorgeous organic chucks to go in it, does anyone have any suggestions?

Great! I look forward to seeing your pics!

Oh, you look like you are really enjoying them, I hope mine are the same. I will definately let you know once I get up and running.

They don’t! But at an extra cost of 130 Euro’s they will courier to your home address.
Will check out your suggestions. Thanks

Hi Nicola,

We are newbies too, my fella Keith adapted our ‘shed’ to our hen house, we have 5 Isa Browns which are layers, they are so characterful, and 2 ‘eaters’ which are grey, but we love them as much so we are not going to eat them now LOL!

We bought ours in our weekly market here about 7.50E think you can get them cheaper, but this stallholder we had been recommended to, but in saying that, I cannot vouch that they all will be as honest!

We love our chickies, we both never realised what great pleasure they would and do give us!

Out of interest have a look at Keiths web site he has, you will see lots of postings of our chickies and the nesting boxes he made!

Enjoy and keep us posted with pics of your new ones!